How to Announce Your Engagement to Your Coworkers (and Your Boss)

How to Announce Your Engagement to Your Coworkers (and Your Boss)

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Getting engaged is incredibly exciting, and so is spreading the news! Telling your family and friends about this milestone in your life means you get to relive that special moment every time-what's not to love? And when you head back to work, you'll have a whole new batch of people to tell: your coworkers and even your boss, too! So what's the best way to spread the word at work? Here's what our experts have to say.

When you're announcing your engagement at work, make sure it's not too disruptive. Instead of revealing the news in the conference room right before a big meeting, choose a time when you and your coworkers will be able to chat without preventing anyone from getting work done. That could be during your morning trip to the break room for coffee, or while you all head to the salad bar down the street for lunch. And of course, remember that they'll probably notice the bauble on your finger (or see your social media feed!) before you have a chance to say anything, so keep that baby clean and sparkly!

If you and your boss are close, feel free to include them in your announcement-again, during a less-disruptive time of day. If your relationship is more professional than personal, you may want to consider setting up a five-minute meeting and getting on his or her calendar. Be prepared to answer questions, especially those that will impact your work schedule. If you've had a chance to think about wedding dates, let your boss know early. That way, when you go to request days off for your wedding or honeymoon, your boss will be able to arrange projects and schedules accordingly.

After you've spread the news, keep wedding talk at work to a minimum. You probably haven't finalized your guest list yet, and you want to avoid anyone assuming they'll be invited (or any hurt feelings when someone realizes they haven't made the cut). In this situation it's best to err on the side of caution and not over-gush on the daily, lest you be that coworker. After all, you're there to get work done, and we don't mean on your wedding planning checklist!