Zola Just Launched Their Wedding Shop, Featuring Everything from Bridesmaid Dresses to Decor

Zola Just Launched Their Wedding Shop, Featuring Everything from Bridesmaid Dresses to Decor

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Strappy Two-Piece Bridesmaid Dress

Courtesy of Zola

For your 'maids that are of the cool-girl variety, this two-piece bridesmaid outfit is the chicest.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $189

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Beard Grooming Kit

Courtesy of Zola

Why yes, the new Zola Wedding Shop even has bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts! Get this for all your bearded groomsmen-they may just need it on the day-of.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $35

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Petite Gemstone Stacking Ring

Courtesy of Zola

If you're not really into statement jewelry for your gals, give them this delicate stacking ring as a subtle matching element for your big day.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $34

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Classic Wrap Bridesmaid Dress

Courtesy of Zola

A wrap dress looks good on so many different shapes. This one has a playful and festive ruffle, making it extra special!

SHOP NOW: Zola, $209

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Metropolitan Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Zola

For the bride who wants an engagement ring that's statement-making but not flashy, this modern two-toned diamond ring is the perfect choice.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $1,825

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Alexandra Crop Cami

Courtesy of Zola

Slip into something a little sexier than your normal lingerie with this white lace cropped cami from Hanky Panky-perfectly bridal for your wedding night or honeymoon.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $57

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Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Zola

Zola selling wedding dresses is truly a game changer. We love this romantic (but sexy!) Floravere dress, with delicate tulle ties at the shoulders.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $2,250

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Personalized Leather Guest Book

Courtesy of Zola

For a guest book you won't be embarrassed to leave out on your coffee table post-wedding, may we suggest this simple leather-bound book with a monogram option?

SHOP NOW: Zola, $60

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Lace Slip Wedding Dress

Courtesy of Zola

Both modern and romantic, this slinky (helllooooo low back) slip dress also features a cascading lace insert, proving you can truly have it all.

SHOP NOW: Zola, $950


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