Our Favorite Winter Engagement Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

Our Favorite Winter Engagement Photos That Will Melt Your Heart

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Showcase Fallen Snow

Photo by KT Merry

KT Merry, owner of KT Merry, traveled to Chicago with her couple in January hoping for snow. “When we arrived, the ground was covered in dirty slush and was hardly beautiful,” Merry says. “But in the afternoon, our wish was granted, and it began to snow.” With a wintry mix, temperatures can drop quickly but don't let that deter you from embracing the elements for your photos.

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Strategize Staying Warm

Photo by The Hons

Shooting in the winter in New York City is undeniably romantic. Jon and Brittani Hon, founders of The Hons, suggest planning out your engagement session to strategize staying warm. “We enjoy starting these sessions inside, either at a café, bar, or inside of the couple's apartment,” they say. “We move to a second location after getting all bundled up to get those iconic outdoor shots looking warm and cozy… and we are sure to always keep moving!"

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Dress the Part

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle Photography

“Nothing reflects the light better than a pristine blanket of snow,” says Ashley Sawtelle, owner of Ashley Sawtelle, who emphasizes the importance of a warm winter wardrobe. “Don't forget to dress the part, snuggle in and move around to stay warm,” Sawtelle advises.

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Utilize Your Location

Photo by Kat Braman

“When the weather turns cold, cozy up in your favorite sweater or jacket and take photos close to home,” suggests Kat Braman, owner of Kat Braman. “From snuggling up on the couch with your sweetheart to strolling under holiday lights, winter is the perfect time to document your love where you spend the most time together,” she explains. For this couple, some of New York City's favored spots served as the perfect backdrop for their photos.

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Embrace Holiday Decor

Photo by Sara Wight Photography

One of the most valuable aspects to shooting winter engagement photos is being able to indulge in your city's holiday decor. “Why not utilize the festive pieces around your environment and incorporate them into your session's backdrop,” says Sara Wight, owner of Sara Wight Photography. For this wintery couple, a giant decorative wreath was the perfect focal point to their engagement photos.

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Pile on the Layers

Photo by BrittRene Photography

“A lot of my couples are worried what to do with their hands,” says Britt, owner of BrittRene Photography, who says wearing layers not only provides warmth, but an unconventional prop. “Play with a hat, scarf, or big cozy jacket when taking your photos,” she suggests. Not only will incorporating these into your photos create a playful prop, but will give you some extra hand placement options.

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Take Advantage of Crowd-Free Locations

Photo by Melani Lust Photography

Melani Lust, owner of Melani Lust Photography, considers one of the most significant benefits to winter engagement photos is the lack of crowds. “Some of the best spots are empty, so this gives us a lot of wonderful options for scenery,” Lust says. “We can direct our couples with more movement because the odds are there won't be people in the background to avoid.”

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Add a Pop of Color

Photo by Roey Yohai Studios

For this couple, a bright red umbrella served as an unexpected pop of color, perfect for shielding fallen snow as well as complementing the all-white backdrop. “Sometimes, props or unplanned moments can result in the most stunning final photos,” says Roey Yohai, owner of Roey Yohai Studios. Develop a color scheme for your attire prior to your session to create a gorgeously coordinated look.