11 Unique Ways to Use Your Monogram At Your Wedding

11 Unique Ways to Use Your Monogram At Your Wedding

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The Bar

Photo by Jacqui Cole Photography

This is one of our favorite bar set-ups ever! We love how the bride and groom put their last initial on display in the most important (and most-visited!) area of the reception. They also incorporated their wedding colors (pink, gold, and white) and a fun orange motif.

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The Plates

Courtesy of Sasha Nicholas

This is an idea that does double duty as wedding dГ©cor and registry. Set your table-or even just your head table-with personalized china that you can use in your new home once the big day is over.

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The Drinks

Photo by KT Merry

Put your stamp on the celebratory champagne toast with a personalized drink stirrer. This is a fun idea that makes for one pretty photo op, don't ya think?!

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The Invites

Photo by Harwell Photography

Everyone says that the wedding invitations set the tone for wedding. And they're right! From this pretty suite, you know the party will be a modern-meets-outdoor affair. (And please note how the couple used their initials!)

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The Napkins

This is one of our favorite ways to use the monogram. Why, you ask? First, an embroidered linen napkin looks oh-so-beautiful on top of a vintage plate rental like this one. And two, it's a keepsake you can hold onto long after the wedding. As for what to monogram the napkin with, you can use yours (and keep it yourself) or personalize it for each guest (wedding favor alert!).

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The Seating Chart

Photo by Harwell Photography

Make the entrance to the reception a special one. We love this modern display, which makes it so easy for your guests to find their seats!

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The Dance Floor

Photo by The Grovers

Yes, yes, yes! If you're doing a custom dance floor, why not put your stamp on it? We love this gray-and-white check with a statement initial in the middle of it. (Just be sure to stand front-and-center for the ever-important first dance photos!)

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The Table Runner

Photo by Jen Fariello Photography

This is another one you can reuse after-the-fact. We recommend personalizing the table runner with only your last initial, which will make it even more perfect for your first dinner party.

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The Lawn

Photo by Aaron Delesie

Now this is one statement monogram. At this real wedding, the bride and groom personalized the lawn near the reception tent with their initials in rose petals. It's safe to say that their guests had no question as to where the party was!

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The Games

Courtesy of Nine Fair Games

Make cocktail hour even more fun with personalized board games. Your guests will enjoy the lighthearted entertainment-and guess what, you can take the game home afterwards!

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The Favors

Photo by Brittany Mahood

Of course, the favor is your final chance to add a personalized touch. So send guests home with one last memento to remember your special day! We especially love how this couple gave everyone mini olive oil bottles (with personalized labels, obvi).