10 Beautifully Illustrated Wedding Invitations You Can Buy on Etsy

10 Beautifully Illustrated Wedding Invitations You Can Buy on Etsy

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Illustrate the Details

Courtesy of CheshireCalligrapher

Show your guests what's to come with an invite that depicts all the details with fun, personalized illustrations for each of the day's big events.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $202.98

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Map Out Your Big Day

Courtesy of EightTwentyOneStudio

Give your guests an outline of your wedding's locale with a pretty map that will help them find your ceremony and reception with ease.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $350

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Post a Pretty Portrait

Courtesy of Blondean

No one will question whose wedding this invitation is for!

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $380

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Create a Family Crest

Courtesy of averycampbellART

You don't need to be royal to have your own family crest. Use some key themes from your wedding or lifestyle to create a unique crest for your new family.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $110

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Imitate Your Engagement Photos

Courtesy of LauraMitchellDesigns

Were your engagement photos too stunning for one single use? Recreate them with an illustration that will make for a sweet side-by-side with your original shots.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $75

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Get a Custom Couple Drawing

Courtesy of thingsidrew

We love the romantic yet playful feel of these custom couple portraits, that also include the bride and groom's furry friend and wedding venue.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $30

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Bring the Elegance with Watercolors

Courtesy of EmmyDesigns87

If you're sticking to a more traditional theme, we recommend these stunning watercolor illustrations that feature an artistic rendering of your venue and elegant script.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $5.41

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Share a Timeline of Your Relationship

Courtesy of WideEyesPaperCo

Share all of your biggest relationship milestones with your guests via with these romantic depictions of your favorite moments together, from the day you met to the day you exclaimed "YES!"

SHOP NOW: Etsy, starting at $4

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Tease Your Theme

Courtesy of LakesidePaperCo

Want to get your guests pumped for the party? Use a fun, on-theme illustration as the backdrop for your invite that will amp up the excitement.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, starting at $10

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Reveal Your Venue

Courtesy of WideEyesPaperCo

Have an extra-stunning wedding venue? Give your guests a peek inside with an illustrated wedding invitation that features a painterly image of your venue.

SHOP NOW: Etsy, starting at $800


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