Everything You Need to Register for From Amazon

Everything You Need to Register for From Amazon

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Dipped Ceramic Serving Tray

Courtesy of Amazon

If we've said it once we've said it 100 times: you can never have too many serving platters and trays. They're so multi-functional and can be left out in the kitchen as a fruit "bowl" or used as a cheeseboard or to serve pasta-the possibilities are endless.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $24.99

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Adjustable Coffee Table

Courtesy of Amazon

This mid-century style modular coffee table is versatile and sleek (read: good for small spaces).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $199

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Collins Glass Set

Courtesy of Amazon

For under $15, we say it's an easy choice to throw this set of four smoky colored glasses on your registry.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $13.04

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Cloud Loom 6 Piece Towel Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Trust us: we've felt these guys and they really are cloud-like-think super fluffy. Pretty much the softest towels you could imagine.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $198

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Mounted Magazine Holders

Courtesy of Amazon

A bit of a wildcard, but we think these are super sleek and modern; and if you have some beautiful magazines, why not display them?

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $12.99

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Linen Sheets

Courtesy of Amazon

We loveeee linen sheets, and these are just the perfect shade of blush.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $119.99+

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Kitchenaid Mixer

Courtesy of Amazon

Probably one of the most iconic registry items, this mixer is a tried and true standby.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $299.99+

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Retro Compact Fridge

Courtesy of Amazon

How cute is this little fridge? You need it, you know you do.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $311.06

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Circle Towel

Courtesy of Amazon

Need a new beach towel? We love this adorable watermelon towel from

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $68

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Dinner Set

Courtesy of Amazon

We love these dishes from Canvas home that are modern and good for everyday but still a little more than just your average white plate.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $70

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Casper Mattress

Courtesy of Amazon

There's no better way to start a marriage than by getting a new mattress!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $476+