40 East-West Set Engagement Rings For The Modern Bride

40 East-West Set Engagement Rings For The Modern Bride

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Monica Vinader Baja Deco Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Monica Vinader

SHOP NOW: Monica Vinader, $295

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Diamond Nexus East-West Classic Pear Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Diamond Nexus

SHOP NOW: Diamond Nexus, was $1,176, now $999.60

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Selin Kent Razia Mini Ring

Courtesy fo Selin Kent

SHOP NOW: Selin Kent, $900

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Bario Neal Nikko Pear White Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

SHOP NOW: Bario Neal, Priced From $1,360

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Lori McLean Fine Jewelry Vintage Pear Cut Solitaire

Courtesy of Lori McLean

SHOP NOW: Lori McLean, $1,498

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Vrai & Oro The Emerald Ring in 18k Rose Gold

Courtesy of Vrai & Oro

SHOP NOW: Vrai & Oro, Priced From $1,576

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Danhov Per Lei Single Shank Emerald Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Danhov

SHOP NOW: Danhov, Priced From $1,820

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Azlee E/W Small Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Azlee

SHOP NOW: Azlee, Priced From $1,900

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Jennie Kwon Diamond YS Ring

Courtesy of Jennie Kwon

SHOP NOW: Catbird, $2,195

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Tacori Pear-Shaped Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

Courtesy of Tacori

SHOP NOW: Tacori, Priced From $2,490

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AprГЁs Jewelry The Elodie Ring - Marquise Cut

Courtesy of AprГЁs Jewelry

SHOP NOW: AprГЁs Jewelry, $2,880

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Ritani East To West Halo Diamond "V Band" Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Ritani

SHOP NOW: Ritani, $2,970

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Nora Kogan Calliope Ring

Courtesy of Nora Kogan

SHOP NOW: Nora Kogan, $2,980

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Cartier Etincelle De Cartier Ring

Courtesy of Cartier

SHOP NOW: Cartier, $2,990

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Digby & Iona Marquis Ninian Ring

Courtesy of Digby & Iona

SHOP NOW: Digby & Iona, $3,420

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Anita Ko Sideways Pear Diamond Pave Ring

Courtesy of Anita Ko

SHOP NOW: Anita Ko, $4,200

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Rebecca Overmann Hand Carved Oval Diamond Stream Ring

Courtesy of Rebecca Overmann

SHOP NOW: Rebecca Overmann, $4,335

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Tate Union White Diamond Band

Courtesy of Tate Union

SHOP NOW: Barneys, $5,300

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Adel Chefridi Crown Set Ring

Courtesy of Adel Chefridi

SHOP NOW: Adel Chefridi, $5,840

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Alexis Russell One Of A Kind Lavender Sapphire + Geometric Diamond Ring

Courtesy ofAlexis Russell

SHOP NOW: Etsy, $5,995

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Gillian Conroy Platinum Oval Solitaire White Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Gillian Conroy

SHOP NOW: Gillian Conroy, $6,850

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Jemma Wynne Toujours Emerald Cut and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Jemma Wynne

SHOP NOW: Jemma Wynne, $8,715

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Anna Sheffield Oval Rosette Ring Yellow Gold & Fancy Grey Diamond

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

SHOP NOW: Anna Sheffield, $8,810

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Erstwhile 1.04 Carat Rectangualr-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Erstwhile

SHOP NOW: Erstwhile, $9,500

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Single Stone Leah Emerald-Cut Diamond

Courtesy of Single Stone

SHOP NOW: Single Stone, $9,500

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Kathryn Bently Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Of A Kind

SHOP NOW: Of A Kind, $12,000

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KatKim Emerald Sunset PavГ© Ring

Courtesy of KatKim

SHOP NOW: KatKim, $14,000

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David Yurman DY Delaunay Engagement Ring in 18K Gold

Courtesy of David Yurman

SHOP NOW: David Yurman, Priced From $24,950

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J. Birnbach 2.28 carat Oval GIA Certified D VS1 East West Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

Courtesy of J. Birnbach

SHOP NOW: 1stdibs, $37,000

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Brilliant Earth Frosten Semi-Bezel Ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

SHOP NOW: Brilliant Earth, Price Upon Request

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Eli Halili Two-Prong Oval Cuchion-Cut Dimaond Ring

Courtesy of Eli Halili

SHOP NOW: Eli Halili, Price Upon Request

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Lizzie Mandler East West Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler

SHOP NOW: Lizzie Mandler, Price Upon Request

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Eva Fehren The Pont Ouest

Courtesy of Eva Fahren

SHOP NOW: Eva Fahren, Price Upon Request

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Kwiat Ashoka Diamond Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Kwait

SHOP NOW: Kwait, Price Upon Request

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Martin Katz 2.60 Carat Hexagonal Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Martin Katz

SHOP NOW: Martin Katz, Price Upon Request

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Malcolm Betts Platinum Oval Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Malcolm Betts

SHOP NOW: Malcolm Betts, Price Upon Request

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McTeigue & McClelland Diamond Wrought Iron Ring, Iron & Platinum

Courtesy of McTeigue & McClelland

SHOP NOW: McTeigue & McClelland, Price Upon Request

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Monique PГ©an MNRACD590P Ring

Courtesy of Monique PГ©an

SHOP NOW: Monique PГ©an, Price Upon Request

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Nikos Koulis Oui Collection Emerald-Cut White Diamond And Black Enamel

Courtesy of Nikos Koulis

SHOP NOW: Nikos Koulis, Price Upon Request

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TAP By Todd Pownell BR1.70 Ring

Courtesy of TAP by Todd Pownell

SHOP NOW: TAP by Todd Pownell, Price Upon Request