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12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding

12 Ways to Dress Up Your Dog for Your Wedding

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Greenery Collar

Sara Lynn

This cutie sported a festive bandana paired with a loose collar made of ruscus greenery and cream-colored blooms.

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Collar of Garden Roses

Leslee Mitchell

This bride and her pooch are perfectly coordinated-the peaches-and-cream Juliet garden roses used for the dog collar are the same blooms used in the bridal bouquet.

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Greenery Leash

Jose Villa

If your pup will be participating in the ceremony, have your florist fashion a collar and leash from fresh greenery for their walk down the aisle.

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Floral Dog Collar with a Burlap Bow

Taylor Lord Photography

Gracie, the couple's white Labrador, and their flower girl, await their turn to walk down the aisle. For the occasion, the pup wore a collar embellished with a handful of flowers and a burlap bow-perfect for the couple's rustic, backyard wedding.

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Mixed-Greenery Collar

KT Merry

This couple's pooch served as best man and dressed to the nines for the occasion; his elegant dog collar was fashioned from mixed fresh greenery and cream-colored spray roses.

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Duo Dog Leash

Lacie Hansen

This split leash fashioned from fresh greenery and lush white blooms is so clever-this way, both of the couple's flowers girls could escort their pup down the aisle together.

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Hellebore Dog Collar

Sophie Kaye Photography

The bride's Shar-Pei Mabelle greets her owner wearing a collar of green hellebore blooms and fresh ruscus greenery.

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Floral Dog Collar

Megan Sorel Photography

For their nuptials at San Ysidro Ranch, this couple's Jack Russell terrier sported a festive collar studded with blooms in the wedding's color scheme.

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Eucalyptus-Leaf Dog Collar

Caroline Lima Photography

This handsome Golden Retriever looks even more dashing in his stylish collar made of eucalyptus leaves and seeds.

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Greenery Wreath

Heather Hawkins Photography

For the wedding ceremony, this couple's English mastiff Callie sported a collar consisting of fresh bay leaves and white spray roses.

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Wintry Dog Collar

Jacque Lynn

Tying the knot this winter? Dress your furriest attendant in a wintry collar made of cedar and eucalyptus.

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Collar of White Florals

Meg Smith Photography

Gunner, this couple's Labrador retriever-Newfoundland mix, served as ring bearer and wore a chic spray of white flowers that really popped against his dark coat. Though the plan was for him to walk down the aisle with a bridesmaid, he wouldn't leave the groom's side and spent most of the ceremony lying by his feet.