Watch Backstreet Boys's AJ McLean and His Wife Reenact Their Wedding in a New Music Video

Watch Backstreet Boys's AJ McLean and His Wife Reenact Their Wedding in a New Music Video

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AJ McLean and his wife, Rochelle, are getting married again-and this time with a musical backdrop. For the new music video for his solo single, "Boy and a Man," the couple reenacted their wedding at a barn at Golden Oak Ranch in California.

Entertainment Tonight went behind the scenes of the shoot, and from what we can tell so far it looked absolutely gorgeous. For the simple yet elegant event, the Backstreet Boys star wore a casual white button-down with khakis and a hat, and Rochelle wore a long-sleeved white dress with a plunging neckline. She completed her boho bridal look with a white flower crown and matching bouquet. In the behind the scenes clip, members of the "Backstreet Army" (aka Backstreet Boys fans) can be seen celebrating the couple and showering them with rice and purple flowers as they make their way to their marital car.

While fans will have to wait until Monday to see the music video in full, McLean says that they can certainly expect it to pull at their heartstrings. “It's going to be a tearjerker,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “It's going to be a rough one to watch, but it's also just all about love.” The video is reportedly inspired by the movie Up, and fans will be "in for a surprise" when they see who plays the older version of AJ McLean.

Though beautiful, the McLean's video wedding is quite a bit different from the couple's actual wedding. AJ and Rochelle tied the knot in 2011 with a "goth-themed" event in Los Angeles, and Rochelle opted for a black and red Vera Wang ensemble instead of traditional white. “We've seen each other at our best and our worst," Rochelle previously captioned a wedding photo on Instagram in celebration of her and AJ's anniversary. "And we still keep fighting the good fight. I love you with all my heart. To many more years!”

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