Queer Eye 's Fab Five Reacts to the Internet's Most Popular Wedding Videos

Queer Eye 's Fab Five Reacts to the Internet's Most Popular Wedding Videos

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'Queer Eye' Cast Reviews the Internet's Biggest Wedding Videos

Everyone has that friend (or is that friend) who is obsessed with watching wedding videos-doesn't matter whose, as long as the rendering is beautiful, inspirational, and sincere. Know what other recorded programming packs that kind of emotional sucker punch? An episode of Queer Eye.

So, we here at Brides thought: Why not bring the two together?

We've surmised from QE that the Fab Five appreciate both a sweet love story and small-screen entertainment. Thus, they must be among those susceptible to the heart-tugging of a thoughtful proposal (like the one they helped stage for us or for William in season 2!) or a well-choreographed first dance on YouTube.

To find out for sure, we invited them to pull up a chair, grab a slice of wedding cake, and give us their takes on some of the Internet's most popular wedding-related vids.

Those of you who live for an "I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING" moment, and wouldn't bat a mist-filled eyelash at the thought of spending hours on hours on hours watching the uploaded sentiments of complete strangers celebrating their special day, will probably remember every one of these viral hits.

But do you know what dance floor trick we should "trust and believe" Karamo will be showcasing at his upcoming nuptials?

Can you guess who ugly-cries first? (Trick question! The Fab Five stay fab even through tears.)

Any idea which video throws Tan into a laughing fit from which he absolutely cannot regain his composure?

Have you recently rewatched the clip that made JVN lose it ("People thought I just was not okay.") the first time he watched it on the subway?

Got thoughts on who ripped off whose idea to turn a proposal into a full-out cinematic movie trailer? 👀

And finally, could you tell how many pieces of cake Antoni appears to eat over a span of six minutes?

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