Marilyn Monroe's 3 Weddings: A Look Back in Photos

Marilyn Monroe's 3 Weddings: A Look Back in Photos

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Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe! The screen siren would have been 90 today, and we're looking back at her weddings in celebration. The term sex symbol was basically invented to describe her - so it's no wonder that Marilyn Monroe tops our list of Most Iconic Brides.

For a little #TBT, we take a look back at the blonde bombshell's not one, but three iconic bridal looks.

First up, a 16-year-old unknown (and brunette!) Norma Jeane marries Jim Dougherty in 1942. The girl who would become Marilyn Monroe evoked a traditional girl-next-door in a floor-length A-line dress with sheer long sleeves and a ruffled neckline. The hair and veil are exactly what one would expect from a 1940's wedding, and a full bouquet of classic white roses is always a good idea.

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For her second, and most infamous, wedding, the usually sultry Monroe opted for an appropriately demure dark brown suit with a white fur collar, just the thing for a casual elopement with baseball great Joe DiMaggio.

Even then celebs couldn't escape the paparazzi. The couple was mobbed outside San Francisco's city hall when reporters got wind of their wedding location. Monroe and DiMaggio famously divorced 274 days later (take that Kim Kardashian), but the Yankee never stopped trying to win the blonde bombshell back, according to People. After Monroe's death in 1962, DiMaggio had fresh roses delivered to her grave twice a week until his death in 1999. Now THAT is romance.

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Monroe's third and final walk down the aisle, to playwright Arthur Miller in 1956, went a more traditional route. The pair's at-home Jewish ceremony had the sultry star acting the part of blushing bride in a look that was ultimately Marilyn. Sweet, flirty, and sexy, the dress embodied the actress. A mid-length body-skimming sheath with an empire waist and ruched bust accentuated every one of Marilyn's perfect curves. The chin-length veil (adorable attached to a pillbox hat) topped off an iconic 1950's wedding look.

Even though the wedding rings were inscribed with "Now is forever," sadly third time was not the charm for our Marilyn. The couple divorced five years later.

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Much has been made about Marilyn Monroe's love life through the decades, but one thing can't be argued, the girl sure did know how to dress the part of bride.