Jennifer Lopez's Loves and Weddings in Photos

Jennifer Lopez's Loves and Weddings in Photos

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In this week's edition of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke, Jennifer Lopez gave us yet another glimpse into her adorable personality. In between jamming out to some of her classic hits (like you don't sing out loud to "Jenny From the Block" in the car!), J.Lo gave Corden some personal tidbits-from the youngest guy she'd date, to texting with Leonardo DiCaprio, and the number of proposals she's received.

When Corden asked J.Lo to describe the most romantic moments she's experienced, the stunner said, "So many good romantic moments, I mean I've had some amazing proposals." Adding, "I've been married a couple of times. I'm still trying to get it right." She even revealed that she's turned down a proposal (or maybe two?). "I've been married 3 times, I've been proposed to 5 times," Lopez sweetly said.

Corden also played something of cupid stealing J.Lo's phone to text one of her most famous contacts (of a list that included Bradley Cooper, The Rock, Fergie, and Cristiano Ronaldo), none other than Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio. The text to Leo went like this: "Hey baby. I'm kind of feeling like I need to cut loose. Any suggestions? - J.Lo, you know, from the Block." The Titanic star quickly responded to J.Lo's text (um, why wouldn't he?) with a flirty "You mean tonight, boo-boo? Clubwise?" Best. Text. Ever.

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We love J.Lo's romantic attitude towards life and if we were her, we wouldn't give up on getting it right either! So we're looking back on J.Lo's three memorable trips down the aisle and hoping-and wishing-for more love in her life (maybe from Leo?).

Marriage Number One

Fresh off her career-making title role in the Selena biopic, a young Jennifer Lopez married Cuban waiter Ojani Noa in Los Angeles in February of 1997. The young bride wore a simple sheath, with her hair in a high bun adorned with flowers. The marriage lasted less than a year and the couple divorced in 1998 and have battled it out in court since.

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With her career on the rise, Lopez hitched her star to Sean "Puffy" Combs and they became the iconic couple of the late '90s (that Versace dress, sigh!). A few legal hiccups and they would also call it quits, with nothing but loving words for each other through the years.

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Marriage Number Two

The split from Puffy paved the way for J.Lo to connect with former backup dancer Cris Judd and settle down into married life. Lopez and Judd were engaged in 2001, only 3 months after her Puffy breakup, and married later that year. For her most lavish and formal wedding, J.Lo chose a Chantilly lace gown by Valentino. The couple would announce their amicable divorce in 2002.

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Following her short-lived marriage to Cris Judd, Jennifer Lopez entered into one of the most high profile celebrity relationships to date. Yes, this was the era of Bennifer (Ben Affleck). And yes, you do have them to thank for giving celebrity couples combined monikers til this day-where would Brangelina be without Bennifer? Music videos on yachts, giant box office flops, a pink engagement ring, and a canceled wedding followed until the power-couple called it quits after 18 months in 2004.

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Marriage Number Three

But the breakup of Bennifer gave way for Jenny from the Block to reunite with former flame Marc Anthony. After a whirlwind courtship, the couple would surprise everyone with a wedding at her Beverly Hills home a few months later on June 5, 2004. Like many Hollywood couples after them, J.Lo and Marc Anthony invited friends and family over for what they thought was an afternoon garden party, and surprised them with a garden wedding!

Wearing Neil Lane jewelry and a Vera Wang gown, Lopez was photographed by paparazzi being covered by a white umbrella as she walked around her backyard greeting guests and celebrating. Many music and film collaborations and a set of twins later, the power couple would announce their divorce in July 2011.

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While third time wasn't the charm for J.Lo, who's been dating backup dancer Casper Smart on-and-off for years, we're happy to know that she's still a hopeful romantic. Hey boo boo, maybe that text from Leo is a sign? We can dream, right? Most importantly, who's proposer number 5? Our money is on Puffy.