Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Just Photobombed This Couple's Wedding

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Just Photobombed This Couple's Wedding

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Two lucky grooms didn't even require apparition to be in the right place at the right time on their wedding day. Newlyweds Nick and John stumbled upon Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling after their ceremony, and she was even more magical than they had ever dreamed of.

The couple, who clearly aren't muggles, had just tied the knot at Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, Scotland, the same spot where J.K. Rowling was believed to be eating lunch. Matt Fothergill, Nick and John's wedding photographer, had been documenting the dashing grooms inside the stunning premises, and he later encouraged them to venture outdoors for a few shots, despite "unpromising weather," Fothergill told Pink News. And, it's a good thing they did, considering the couple happened to spot Rowling from afar.

"Nick and John were looking over my shoulder and looking quite excited," said Fothergill. "Then, they rushed towards me and said in very hushed tones something like, 'J.K. Rowling is right behind you' and then we joked about how cool it would be to have her in a wedding photo."

Sure enough, Fothergill worked up the nerve to ask her for a quick picture, and the 53-year-old author happily obliged.

"She was just delightful from start to finish," Fothergill said. "She turned and smiled, strode over and gave them both the biggest hugs and wished them the greatest of health and happiness."

The photographer documented the entire exchange, posting the nine viral-worthy snapshots to Facebook. The photo series progresses in order from Rowling greeting the grooms with arms outstretched, to a round of a hugs, to a posed group shot, and finally to a hilarious close-up of a completely baffled Nick after the fact.

"I think there's definitely that saying 'Never meet you heroes… ' as in don't meet your idols as they can never live up to the hype and you will inevitably feel let down," Fothergill wrote to accompany the post. "I can safely say this was not one of those occasions… simply not the case with the awesome J.K. Rowling!"

He added that the creative genius behind Harry Potter "got about 20 feet before we all started screaming like big kids."

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This chance encounter calls for a round of butterbeer! Congrats to these grooms for not only tying the knot, but also for getting the wedding photos of a lifetime.