Nickelodeon Star Max Schneider's Wedding Video Is The Most Moving Thing We've Seen All Week

Nickelodeon Star Max Schneider's Wedding Video Is The Most Moving Thing We've Seen All Week

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Sneaky, sneaky - It turns out How to Rock's Max Schneider married his soulmate a whole SEVEN months ago! The Nickelodeon star recently revealed, in the absolute sweetest montage we've ever seen TBH (sorry, Nathan Kress), his intimate and emotional wedding to longtime love Emily.

Schneider even wrote the song that plays in the video, and used the tune to propose to her in the place they had their first date. Get ready to grab a box of tissues because this video is about to make you cry ALL the tears.

"I wrote 'Lights Down Low' when Emily and I first started dating," Schneider wrote in the YouTube comments section. "I had never invested so much of my heart into a song before. I knew it was special and the feelings encapsulated within it would live with us for the rest of our lives." Cue the awww's! He added, "I knew she was my soulmate and the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I planned the proposal for months and ended up surprising her with the help of our mutual best friend Katie who introduced us. I proposed to Emily in the same place we had our first date, with a harp player playing along while I sang 'Lights Down Low.' We got married in April."

Ok, where are all of the Max Schneiders in the world? He is seriously too sweet. And while watching the video, we can totally see the amazing girl he sees in her. They just both look so happy together!

In the comments section he went on to say, "Life has a funny way of bringing the most special people into your life when you least expect it. It's up to you to call them after your first date and ask the crazy question of if they would want to fly half way across the country to have a second date while on tour. I'm so glad you took that leap of faith with me from that first weekend my love. The urge."

Need a tissue yet? Or ten? Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Max and Emily!