See A Giraffe Epically Photobomb Newlyweds' Wedding Photos

See A Giraffe Epically Photobomb Newlyweds' Wedding Photos

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Stephanie Norman

There are so many ways you can guarantee the perfect wedding photos, from selecting the right photographer, working on your posture, and shining up those pearly whites ahead of your big day, but sometimes, the unexpected is what really takes your photos over the top.

Luke and Tristan Karshagen know this better than anyone. While taking some romantic photos after their ceremony in South Africa, the Karshagens were joined by a new friend who wanted to get in on the action-a giraffe! Photographer Stephanie Norman captured a sweet photo of the couple kissing with the giraffe leaning in as if hoping to steal a kiss too.

“Yesterday we got photobombed by this gentle giant!!” Norman wrote in her Instagram caption. “What an amazing experience… You must be incredibly blessed to get giraffe cuddles on your wedding day. 💫 (African living is amazing )”

Norman shared more about the incredible moment on Facebook. “This very inquisitive giraffe decided to photobomb our photoshoot yesterday, and hung around for a good twenty minutes,” she recalled. “He was so gentle and nosy, and an absolute pleasure to photograph.”

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While this couple's four-legged guest was actually a wedding crasher, other couples plan to make their furry friends a part of their big day. From renting dressed up llamas to the more traditional dog ring bearer, a pet or exotic animal can make your wedding day memorable for you and your guests.