Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Reportedly Headed to Disneyland After News of Their Rumored Engagement Broke

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Reportedly Headed to Disneyland After News of Their Rumored Engagement Broke

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Just like so many Super Bowl winners, Olympic gold medalists, and American Idol champs before them, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, after news of their reported engagement broke, apparently declared to one another, "We're going to Disneyland!" And so they did: Late Monday night, Grande posed for pictures with fans at the amusement park and shared videos of Pete and her riding roller-coasters on her Instagram Story, Entertainment Tonight reports.

In one set of selfies with an excited fan, Grande can be seen wearing her usual high ponytail, accessorized with a Minnie Mouse ears headband with a white bow in the middle. Self-explanatory Instagram account "Disneyland Celebrities" also obtained a few clips of Grande and Davidson disembarking from what appears to be the Space Mountain ride. As they leave their spaceship, Davidson can be seen offering his hand to Grande to help her out, then continuing to hold her hand as they walk away.

The "No Tears Left to Cry" singer also captured a few selfie videos while on a ride with Davidson. In each of the three videos Grande posted on her Instagram Story, the SNL star yells, sings, and cracks jokes while Grande giggles uncontrollably. "Full mood," she captioned one playful video, though a fan account captured the same clip, posted and deleted minutes before, with Ari's original caption, "When I get on top."

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Rumors of the pair's engagement surfaced earlier on Monday, "confirmed" only by unnamed sources to multiple outlets. Though neither Grande nor Davidson, who have been dating for only a few weeks, have outright confirmed the engagement, fans think a few tweets Grande sent on Monday evening could be her way of subtly confirming the news. First, she tweeted. "i love u sm hi & thank u i love u bye." Then, she began responding to fans and liking tweets about her engagement, replying to one person who tweeted that Davidson would be marrying the entire Arianator fandom, "HAHAHAHAHAHH HES BEEN BRIEFED."