35 Lush Bridesmaids Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

35 Lush Bridesmaids Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

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When it comes to wedding flowers, brides spend most of their time fretting about their own bouquets, and with good reason-they can totally distract or add to your bridal look. But the same is true of bridesmaid bouquets-the right combination will give something extra to your 'maids' bridal party style. While they may not steal the stage of the floral show at the wedding, these bouquets should be just as gorgeous as the bridal bouquet that inspired them!

Thankfully, bouquets have come a long way from the matchy-matchy bundle of roses that bridesmaids used to carry down the aisle. While the classic rose-or peony or hydrangeas-haven't gone out of style, they're now being mixed with other elements to create unique looks. Think lots of greenery (eucalyptus is hot right now) or unexpected flowers like king protea, wildflowers, or succulents. Even without your classic flowers, these elements are standing on their own for some seriously creative bouquets.

Another way to get creative with bridesmaid bouquets? Skip flowers altogether. That's right, you don't need flowers for your bouquet. Banana leaves for a tropical wedding or bushels of evergreen for a winter wedding make a statement all on their own, thank you very much! We also love how brides are approaching color for their bridal party's flowers. There's nothing quite as timeless as a romantic, neutral palette, but there's also nothing quite as bold and show-stopping as bouquets the color of the rainbow, or deep and moody hues, like burgundy and black tones for an autumn wedding. And we're totally into contrasting bouquets, where light and dark blooms are juxtaposed, such as an icy blue and a crimson red.

From the delicate and dainty to the lush and large, we've rounded up some stunning bridesmaid bouquets for a bit of floral inspiration. With these bouquets in hand, you and your bridesmaids will be serious squad goals.

Lover of Mine

Vibrant green bridesmaid bouquets of greenery with white floral accents stand out from the bride's bright fuchsia arrangement.

Megan Robinson

Creamy neutrals, eucalyptus, and a pop of marsala make for an unexpected fall floral palette.

Dylan M Howell Photography

Blooming peach, pink, and burgundy florals-the bright, warm tones of these bouquets are all elegant romance.

Jenna Bechtholt

Thanks to a neutral color palette, these bridesmaid bouquets take their beauty in a natural, carefree way, replicating the look of the bride's cascading bouquet on a smaller scale.

Anna Delores

Modern banana leaf bouquets are paradise chic, ideal for a destination wedding in the sun.

Lara Hotz Photography

Soft flowers peek out among slender leaves of greenery in these unique cascading bridesmaid bouquets.

Merge Photography; Rose & Bud

These amazing bouquets mirror the rainbow, bursting with blooms from vivid violet to golden yellow and bright magenta-with trailing ribbons to match!

Oli Sansom Weddings

This bride tribe is serious squad goals. While we can't get enough of their lace dresses, the true showstoppers are the oversized king protea bouquets-we love the combo of the pale, neon yellow with red and sage green.

Lauren Scotti

Coral charm peonies pop amidst white blooms for a pretty in pastels spring look that perfectly pairs with the bridesmaids' light pink saris.

Colin Ross Photography

Instead of focusing on different florals, these gorgeous bouquets keep the blooms simple with peach roses and mix it up with varying greenery instead for a wild, forest-inspired look.

Mandilynn Photography

Yellow tones, orange hues, and hints of crimson come together for some autumn goodness.

Ramble Free Photo Co.

These bridesmaid bouquets evoke summer magic, thanks to rich green leaves and light blooms with hints of yellow.

Vienna Glenn Photography

Air plants in bridesmaid bouquets? We're all about this desert-inspired look.

Janneke Storm

Bold, moody, and romantic, these rich bouquets in a palette of green, wine, and ivory, are total goals.

Brandi Sisson

Wildflower dreams, right here. These just-picked-out-of-a-meadow bouquets are brimming with color, making for absolute bohemian perfection while sage ribbons complete the look.

Ashley Largesse

Bouquets of dusty miller lend a soft, winter feel with their muted tones.

Inner Song

From delicate miniature petals to bodacious blooms and a blend of greenery in between, this eclectic mix of bridesmaid bouquets is a dreamy delight.

Liz Jorquera

These bouquets nailed the organic aesthetic, keeping it stunningly simple with white blooms and gorgeous greenery.

Tess Follett

Mixed pink bridesmaid bouquets with dahlias and vibrant botanicals paint a splash of color with black bridesmaid dresses.

Jamie Gens Photography

How gorgeous are these succulents? They add a bit of whimsy to classic roses for a fun twist.

В© Mary Costa Photography

Thistles, blue hues, and wispy greens come together for a refined rustic look.

Haley Nord Photography

These small bridesmaid bouquets prove that you don't need a big bunch of flowers for some beauty. We love how each bouquet features every flower only once-a lack of duplicates makes for a delicate mix.

Rebecca Taylor Photography

Who says a bouquet needs flowers? These lush bouquets of greenery are just as beautiful as blooms, especially when tied with a white satin ribbon.

The Shannons Photography

Wildflower bouquets of eucalyptus and warm jewel tones have a bohemian woodland vibe.

Birds of a Feather

A single monstera leaf adorned with phalaenopsis orchids makes a bold, tropical statement.

Robert Meredith Photography

Muted roses, wildflowers, and king protea mix in a soft palette for some springtime dreaminess.

Cristina CaГ±ibano; Pando Floristas

In a sea of green leaves, hot pink peonies command attention with an unexpected wow factor.

James Simmons Photography

Icy blue and sweet peach-orange hues mix with dark blooms for a colorful surprise.

Keeper Creative

Sophisticated meets bohemian in these overflowing bouquets of white florals and greenery.

Trent Bailey; twobirds Bridesmaid

Minimalist bouquets of a few sprigs create a unique look and the perfect complement to trendy bridesmaid jumpsuits.

Emilie Anne Photography

Burgundy dahlias, deep red peonies, and peach garden roses make for classic and timeless bouquets.

Ashlyn Cathey; Luella Designs

A large king protea flower and yellow accents take precedence in these wild bouquets.

ONTHETIMES Photography

We're loving the dark moodiness of these thistle, antique rose, anemone, and eucalyptus bouquets.

Russell Ord Photography

Vibrant bouquets in a colorful palette of pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges contrast perfectly against white bridesmaid dresses.


White bouquets with pops of pink pastel and bursts of black blooms make for an elegant juxtaposition.