Jennifer Lopez Reveals Who's Walking Her Down the Aisle at Her Wedding to Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Who's Walking Her Down the Aisle at Her Wedding to Alex Rodriguez

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Jennifer Lopez had previously said that she was going to take her time when it came to planning her wedding to Alex Rodriguez. However, things are settling down for her: Her movie Hustlers is finished and getting tons of buzz, which means that the couple might finally have some time to sit down and work on their celebration.

Even though the planning is still underway, there is one detail it J.Lo has narrowed down. She's figured out exactly who is walking her down the aisle. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, a reporter asked if she had assigned her 11-year-old son Maximilian the very special job.

"Of course," she responded with a smile. She also took some time to set the record straight about a few other wedding rumors floating around. A-Rod had given reporters a clue about the big day by hinting that it would involve a "long flight." However, J.Lo laughed that off and explained that they still haven't picked a location.

"He's just saying things," she said. "We're talking about it, but we don't have any firm plans… and we're talking about a lot of places (to get married in), but I don't know yet."В

Lopez and Rodriguez got engaged in March after two years of dating. Rodriguez proposed during a picture-perfect vacation in the Bahamas, and the couple shared a few gorgeous sunset photos of the moment that it all happened. (They also gave a glimpse at the blinding, emerald-cut diamond ringВ A-Rod gave her.)

Still, even though they've been engaged for a few months now, Lopez told ET they haven't picked a date yet. "We can't narrow it down yet," she said.