Prince Harry Makes a Case for the Wedding Day Beard

Prince Harry Makes a Case for the Wedding Day Beard

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Prince Harry has never been one to play by the royal rules, and he continued to defy convention on his wedding day. Dressed in a Dege & Skinner-tailored frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals, the groom shocked royal wedding viewers when he emerged rocking his signature scruff. Cue the gasps!

The BBC reports that Prince Harry-who has worn a beard since his military days-had to get special permission to keep the facial hair for the wedding. While it's customary to be clean-shaven when in uniform (only Pioneer Sergeants are allowed to have a beard), Harry broke tradition with his beard. It's not the first time he's been bearded in uniform, and it likely won't be the last, but he sure made a case for the wedding day scruff.

Men's hairstylist and grooming expert Martial Vivot is a fan of Prince Harry's beard tells Brides that it gives the baby-faced Duke of Sussex a masculine, grown-up look. "When it comes to your wedding, grooms have to approach their look, clean shaven or not, by who they are," he says. With his facial hair on the shorter side, Prince Harry's beard was nicely groomed and certainly true to his signature style and coincidentally, a similar approach Meghan took for her bridal beauty look.

Skipping a clean jawline in favor of his everyday look proves that going with what makes you comfortable is the way to go, even on such an important day. "I always suggest that on your big day, the only thing that you should focus on is what makes you look your best. You never want to change your image on your wedding day. So if you are a beard guy, keep the beard," Vivot adds. Whether or not you're team Prince Harry's beard, one thing's for sure: The Duke of Sussex looked great alongside his bride-uniform, beard, and all!

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