6 Romance Novels to Read Before Your Honeymoon

6 Romance Novels to Read Before Your Honeymoon

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Chances are you've been counting down the days until you're off on your romantic honeymoon with your love. While you might not need any help “getting in the mood,” cozying up with a few of these hot new romance books certainly can't hurt.

To get prepped for a super-hot, steamy and dreamy honeymoon, here are some of our favorite new books to read, filled with love, lust, and everything in between.

1. Sheltered. by Alexa Riley

When the main character, Blair, finds herself captured by an obsessed man (in a paradise with no exit, no less) and is seemingly torn between being a prisoner and resisting his protective, sexy demeanor. Filled with suspense, lust, and a strange sense of sexy safety, it's a unique story with scorching sex scenes.

2. Tell Me Lies. by Carola Lovering

With a release date set for June 12, this novel from Carola Lovering tells a coming-of-age story that explores the complications of a toxic romance, ruthless ambition, and shocking betrayal. Exploring the consequences and tribulations of still being haunted by the wrong one who you just can't let go of, the book is narrated by both Lucy and her love interest, Stephen. Watch as their relationship grows and changes throughout college and after-grad life in NYC, within the push and pull of not-right young romance, and not quite being able to let go.

3. The Wedding Date. by Jasmine Guillory

Fresh off the excitement of your own wedding, dive in to this tale about a groomsman and his last-minute wedding date (or fake girlfriend) who are about to find themselves in a fun and flirty romance. Following an unconventional meeting, Alexa couldn't resist Drew's ask that she accompany him, a total stranger, to his ex's wedding. Sparks then fly, and the two high-powered professionals begin to navigate the murky waters of long-distance dating, and all that comes with it.

4. Untamed Cowboy. by Maisey Yates

Coming June 19th, explore what happens when two long-time best friends who also work together suddenly cross a line with a kiss following a life-altering new development, and can't look back. Suddenly, Bennet and Kaylee are left to deal with newly exposed up feelings, and an undeniable chemistry. Will their best friend bond be destroyed? Or will they discover a love that's more than either could have ever imagined?

5. Unforgivable. by Isabel Love

A great balance between sexy and emotional, Ana finds herself falling for irresistible Wes with only one small problem - he's her brother's best friend. Through a twisty story filled with love, lust, friendship, family dynamics and a burning romance, Ana struggles with her guilt over this, and other things, as she grapples with her flaws and the shame and guilt that come with them. She loves Wes, but fears he doesn't know all she's done. So, what's a girl to do? The tale will capture your attention, heart, and leave you rooting for their unconditional love.

6. The Chateau. by Tiffany Reisz

Recommended as a top romance read for summer by the New York Times, this erotic thriller will leave you feeling hot and steamy, all while the edge of your seat (or bed). When Lieutenant Kingsley Boissonneault has to search for, and rescue his commanding officer's nephew, who just so happens to have disappeared into a sex cult, readers are suddenly exposed to a world where women run the show, and men are their slaves. Kingsley's also faced with temptation from the Madame he encounters (and falls under her spell) but is he willing to sacrifice something so dear, for something he has always wanted? Erotic sex scenes, sensual love and interesting dynamics are abundant in this novel that is sure to get you geared up to go.