Carrie Bradshaw's Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress Is on Display in Honor of Sex and the City 's 10th Anniversary

Carrie Bradshaw's Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress Is on Display in Honor of Sex and the City 's 10th Anniversary

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It's been 10 years since the Sex and the City movie was released, but you're not alone if you're still not over the rollercoaster ride of emotions caused by (spoiler alert) Mr. Big abandoning Carrie Bradshaw outside their lavish wedding at the New York Public Library before finally re-proposing and marrying her in a much less over-the-top ceremony at city hall. Vivienne Westwood, apparently, is right there with you, as she has put the gorgeous gown Carrie wore on her ill-fated trip to the library on display at the brand's New York City flagship location in honor of the film's 10-year anniversary.

According to a post on the official Vivienne Westwood Instagram account, the dress, "arguably the most revered wedding gown in fashion history," will be on display until June 3. The post includes three pictures: one of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the Cloud gown in character as Carrie Bradshaw, a sketch of the gown done by Westwood herself, and a shot of the dress being modeled on the runway ahead of its film debut. The wedding dress, as you probably distinctly remember, features an ivory sculpted strapless bodice and a dramatic layered skirt of white taffeta and ivory silk; Carrie opted to wear it instead of the more understated vintage skirt suit she originally had picked out.

Also in honor of the film's major milestone, the British designer has released several new ready-to-wear pieces inspired by the Cloud gown. According to Harper's Bazaar, the new Wilma collection of corsets and cocktail dresses were all created using the same cutting technique used to create Carrie's wedding dress, and share the gown's bold structural elements and hourglass-enhancing shape.

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If you're looking to channel Carrie Bradshaw's impeccable style without breaking the bank, however, set your sights on British department store Marks & Spencer's Stiletto Heel Jewel Pointed Toe Court Shoes, which bear an uncanny resemblance to the blue Manolo Blahnik pair Big used to propose to Carrie the second time around. Like the Manolos, the M&S version are a pointy-toed satin stiletto pump featuring elaborate jeweled detailing on the toe, but unlike the Manolos, the latter will only set you back about $45-quite the discount from Carrie's $965 pair.