What to Do When You Sense a Proposal Coming

What to Do When You Sense a Proposal Coming

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When you've been together long enough to know you want to get married, and you're hopelessly in love, it's super common to begin to sense when a marriage proposal might just be coming your way. Whether you're a sleuth with a sixth-sense or just have a funny feeling you may soon be asked the most important question of your life, here are some tips for what to do when you have a hint that your significant other may be getting down on one knee.

TRY to Contain Yourself
If this is a surprise proposal, take a second to think about how much it means to your significant other that you be just that - surprised. If you have inkling you'll soon have some new bling (and a fiancГ©!) that's okay, many brides-to-be do, but DON'T ruin his surprise. This is one of the very few surprises in life, and if he's not doing the best at keeping it a secret, you can't blame him.

Soak It In
It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement and thrill of thinking you'll soon be engaged, but it's also super important to take some time to take it all in, and really think about what a proposal, and saying “Yes!” means. Literally from the moment he asks, your life will be forever changed. Appreciate and feel the weight of the magnitude of being engaged - not only to help you be 100% certain you're making the right decision, but also to not get too caught up in the fanfare and really experience all the real feelings and thoughts that come with the journey to marriage.

Cut Him Some Slack
Many brides report feeling that their grooms were acting a bit differently, distant, or stressed before he popped the question. If this is the case, don't worry - and try your best to brush off any odd behaviors when you sense a proposal is coming. Also, keep in mind that if he just purchased what is likely to be the most expensive item of his life, it's totally normal for them to be a little stingy, too.

Get a Manicure!
Keep your nails in tip-top condition for the sparkly new addition that (might) be heading your way soon. While you won't care in the moment - you'll of course be focused on MUCH more important things - your hand will be passed around to excited friends and family as they all ask to see THE ring. You'll be more than slightly annoyed to be rocking a three-week-old, chipped mani when your future mother-in-law won't stop snapping close-up shots of that new ring on your finger, trust us.

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Be Selective in Your Conversations
Obviously, it's normal to gush to your besties and closest family members that you think it's about to happen. Try your best though, to keep that circle small. You want everyone to be surprised and happy for you when you break the news, and you also don't want to become part of a rumor mill or gossip fodder. And, when you do talk about it, try to make sure your conversations are well rounded and that it's not ALL you talk about. Once you're actually engaged, though, shout it from the rooftops!

Say Yes
Well, obviously you'll say "yes" when he pops the question, but in another sense, try to say “yes,” to each and every suggestion for a date-night or outing that he throws your way. You'll never know if it's a strategic decoy for a romantic surprise proposal, and you don't want to make his job any more difficult than it has to be.