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5 Men's Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Every Guy Can Wear

5 Men's Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas Every Guy Can Wear

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Gearing up for your photo sesh as a newly affianced couple? In addition to choosing an awesome photographer and location, you've also got to think about the wardrobe. And no, not only yours. If you're less than sure about what your guy should wear, here's some inspiration for men's engagement photo outfits.

The pics are going to be everywhere, from save-the-dates to bridal shower decorations to wedding displays to the wedding website, so you want him to look his best! We connected with Danielle Darah, a senior stylist and custom specialist at Trunk Club, for tips on how to get the perfect engagement shoot look for men.

Coordinate His and Hers Looks

KT Merry

If the bride is already dead set on a certain dress or outfit, start there and coordinate the groom's look to match hers. "When I dress a man for his engagement shoot, I always find out what the fiancГ© is wearing," explains Danielle, "if she's wearing jeans and a cream sweater, I'll put him in a flannel sport coat or Barbour jacket, which he can drape over her shoulders for a few shots. If she's a Valentino girl, I'll put him in a Dormeuil custom suit." The key here is to coordinate by style, not color unless it's something subtle such as a pink dress with a pink pocket square for your guy.

Get Inspired by the Season

KT Merry

Another great starting place is to dress according to the season. For an outdoor shoot in the winter, Danielle recommends a navy or camel topcoat with a nice scarf from Eton, Quinn, or Polo. For a summer shoot, try putting him in khaki shorts, a polo, and loafers to hit up the boardwalk, beach, or park.

Let the Setting Guide You

KT Merry

Just as you can let the season inspire men's engagement photo outfits, you can also let the actual location give you a clue. If your engagement pictures are in a formal location, your guy can wear a suit or even a tuxedo if you really want to go glam. A tux, however, wouldn't really fit into the scene if the engagement photoshoot is on a ranch. There, denim and a button-down would be far more appropriate.

Embrace Your Everyday Style

Sposto Photography

Engagement photo outfits for guys don't have to be complicated. If you want to keep it simple that's perfectly fine. You can each wear what you'd really wear on a daily basis. Are you a yoga girl? Grab your favorite leggings and cute sports bra/tank top combo. Is he constantly in his favorite sports jersey? Let him wear it. Sometimes the best option is to wear what truly represents your everyday style.

Rely on the Essentials

Abby Jiu

"When in doubt about what to look for, start with six essential items: a V-neck sweater, a crisp white shirt, brown shoes, brown belt, dark jeans, and a navy blazer. These quality basics will give your guy an effortlessly classic and put-together look," says Darah. So if unsure about engagement clothes for the groom, just stick to those sophisticated basics and you can't go wrong.