18 Adorable Instagrams That Prove Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Are the Greatest Couple Ever

18 Adorable Instagrams That Prove Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Are the Greatest Couple Ever

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Twenty-two years later, and this couple is still one of the hottest on Instagram. Not that the social media platform even existed when Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos tied the knot back in 1996, but you know what we mean. This twosome has been showing us how it's done in the adorable department for over two decades now-and don't expect them to cool it with the cuteness anytime soon. Today marks Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos's 22nd wedding anniversary, and they celebrated by sharing more sweet snapshots on the 'Gram. (Although it's hardly the first time.)

Below, see the couple's greatest Instagram moments from over the years. (Take notes, everyone!)

Consuelos shared a sweet tribute to his wife for their anniversary today.

Ripa followed suit with a slideshow of photos.

They clean up quite nicely, don't they?

Ripa and Consuelos wed both on-screen and off! The couple first met while costarring on the soap opera All My Children together.

We're serious suckers for a '90s #tbt.

How cute is this close-up?

This duo is always down for an adventure.

"Officer Handsome," Ripa adorably called her hubs in the caption of a Hawaii #tbt.

Years after starring on All My Children together, the couple occasionally cohosts Ripa's morning show side-by-side.

Forever dance partners.

Birthday kisses!

Merry Christmas from this adorbs duo.

Ever the supportive spouse, Consuleos celebrated Ripa's Hollywood Walk of Fame star with a post.

The couple who slays together, stays togethers.

Alternatively, the same probably goes for couples who suffer minor injuries together!

"Thank you for making the past 19 years a PARTY!" Ripa wrote to her hubby on their 19th wedding anniversary.

Consuelos scored major points with his complimentary caption.

Everyday seems like Valentine's Day for these two.

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