6 Brides Share How They Incorporated CBD Into Their Wedding

6 Brides Share How They Incorporated CBD Into Their Wedding

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One of the biggest trends taking over industries from food and drink to beauty and skin care is the introduction of CBD-infused products.

People are looking into items with CBD oil in them because, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes the sensation of getting high, CBD is not psychoactive at all. Those using it are flocking to it for it for other reasons since it's said to help with pain, stress, and anxiety.

Which is why some brides are finding new and unique ways to bring CBD to their wedding, without scaring away guests if they don't want to give it a try.

Check out these six brides who incorporated CBD into their wedding.

CBD Coffee

“We are big CBD users and we wanted to incorporate CBD into our wedding. We figured if we had the caterer use it in food or sauces that some of our guests would be weirded out. We decided to have a table where people could drink late-night CBD lattes. We figured it would calm people down, make them feel a little sleepy, and be a great way to end the night. Out of 115 guests, at least 75 people tried the CBD latte station. It was a huge hit.” -Reese G., 34


“We live on the East Coast and got married in California (where my husband's family lives). When we got there, I noticed my skin was so dry and that my usual moisturizer was failing me. His sister gave me this moisturizer with CBD oil in it. At first, I was like what is this and should I use it? She swore by it. I used it every day for a week leading up to my wedding and used it on my wedding day. Honestly, it worked better than my usual moisturizer. I didn't want my family to know so I hid the bottle. There's a weird stigma around CBD and I don't want people to know I used it on my face.” -Marianne D., 28

CBD Lube

“We've been CBD lube users for the past few months. Maybe it's just in my head but I think it helps me orgasm a lot faster and it makes sex feel better overall. As we were packing to head to the bridal suite, I literally asked my fiancé to make sure he packed the lube so that we had it with us on that night!” -Sharon E., 32

CBD Stress Relief

“I've never used CBD or even smoked weed before. I think that's important to know because, before my wedding, I was new to this world. But as I was planning my wedding, I became the ultimate stressed-out bridezilla. Everything launched me into a having a major meltdown. My friend was like, 'I have a stress reliever spray. Let me spray it on your tongue.' So I said yes. It ended up being a CBD spray for stress. I don't know how or why but it worked like magic. I started using it three times a day and had it close by with me on my wedding day.” -Tory P., 27

CBD Snacks

“My husband and I use CBD oil a lot when we cook. We decided to bake our own late-night snack for our wedding and made double-chocolate CBD cookies. We packaged each one and had them displayed on a table with a sign that explained what CBD is and why it's something guests should try. The cookies were gone in seconds. We didn't even get to try them. It was a great idea for a late-night snack.” -Melissa R., 28

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CBD Cocktail

“Before my wedding started, Instead of doing a champagne toast, I had the whole wedding party cheers with a CBD-infused cocktail. I wanted everyone to feel less anxious and stressed walking down the aisle and this is how I thought people could do that. It did make some of my bridesmaids super sleepy and some act a little too drunk.” -Serena W., 31