Do We Have to Get a Gift for a Couple Having an (Expensive) Destination Wedding?

Do We Have to Get a Gift for a Couple Having an (Expensive) Destination Wedding?

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Destination weddings might be the best kind (who doesn't want to spend a few days on the beach or in a far-off city celebrating people they love?), but they also can be the most expensive. Flights and hotel rooms can rack up quickly, especially if the wedding is in a remote location or at a luxury property. So if you're already shelling out just to be there, do you also need to spend money on a wedding gift? Here's what our experts have to say.

While your inclination might be to skip the gift, given how much you're spending to attend the wedding, tradition states that any wedding invitation comes with the obligation of sending a gift to the couple. If the wedding is particularly expensive, you can opt to send a lower-cost gift as a token of your good wishes, instead of the usual amount you might spend for a non-destination wedding.

Some couples having destination weddings that cause guests to incur higher costs may request that guests not buy a gift at all. This does give you an out, so in this case it would be up to you whether or not to still get a gift. You may still want to send a little something as a gesture, whether it's a pretty frame or a bottle of wine or just a card with a nice note.

Timing is also key. Don't plan to bring the gift with you. Instead, purchase and send it in advance of the wedding so that it arrives before you've departed, or just after the couple returns home, just as you would with a regular wedding gift. Even if you plan on giving cash or a check, make arrangements to send it in the mail instead of taking on your trip. You don't want to be responsible for extra money lying around your hotel room, and neither do the bride and groom!

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