This New Wedding Flower Service Will Save You So Much Money on Florals

This New Wedding Flower Service Will Save You So Much Money on Florals

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Are you a bride with champagne taste on a Bud Light budget? Have you been dreaming of filling your wedding venue with peonies and roses, but when the florist gives you the rate, you run screaming? Girl, we gotchu. Thanks to Bloomerent, the online marketplace that connects couples with other couples who are willing to share their floral centerpieces at a deep discount, you can have the lush wedding of your dreams. Not only that, but choosing to share your flowers instead of tossing them after a mere six hours is the environmentally conscious thing to do. We've gotta start treating Mother Nature with respect, brides!

Here's how it works: "The first-event couple has complete creative control over their flowers," Danit Zamir, the founder of Bloomerent told Brides. "If there is a match with another couple, the first customer saves 10 percent, but the process doesn't differ from the traditional customer/florist relationship. The second-event couple opts into another event's flowers through our marketplace at a discount of 40 to 60 percent. Both events work with the same florist, and the florist handles all of the operations, so the flowers are always in the hands of professionals."

The idea of sharing wedding flowers actually came to Zamir after seeing her florals go to waste on her own wedding night. "I was receiving high quotes for my flowers, but once I saw my flowers get thrown out after five hours and thousands of dollars, a light bulb went off," she said. "The thought of how expensive and wasteful that was led to the idea and then launch of Bloomerent."

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"We're really a win, win, win solution," Zamir continued. "A win for florists because we bring them more business and allow them to increase their revenue by reselling the centerpieces, a win for couples because they save anywhere from 10 to 60 percent off their fresh floral centerpieces, and a win for the environment because we reduce floral waste."

Although Bloomerent isn't in every city or town in the U.S., it does operate in the following areas: New York City; New Jersey; Connecticut; Pennsylvania; Delaware; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; Virginia; Portland, Maine; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Annapolis, Maryland; Los Angeles; Orange County, California; San Diego; Denver; Colorado Springs; Dallas; Seattle; and Madison, Wisconsin. The company hopes to expand to Chicago, San Francisco, and Atlanta within the next few months as well!

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Bloomerent cofounder Julia Capalino, who is currently preparing for her own wedding, admits that she's a first-event bride because she has a strict vision for what her flowers should look like on her big day. But that didn't deter her from using the service in any way. "In my opinion, there is no reason you wouldn't use Bloomerent, even if you love flowers and care about having them first as much as I do. It allows me to work with a great florist and get exactly what I want, but it also allows another event to use them next and for me to save some money."

And as any bride knows by now, weddings don't come cheap. Even slashing 10 percent off of your flowers can make a big impact on, say, what kind of dress you can purchase at the bridal salon, or the addition of wedding favors for your guests to take home. A win, win, win solution is right!