Busy Phillipps Shared the Sweetest Tribute in Honor of Her 11th Wedding Anniversary

Busy Phillipps Shared the Sweetest Tribute in Honor of Her 11th Wedding Anniversary

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Busy Phillipps is celebrating her 11th wedding anniversary with screenwriter and producer Marc Silverstein with an adorable Instagram throwback.

"11 years ago today, I got to go to the best wedding ever with the best person I've ever known as my date," she wrote alongside a shot of she and Silverstein from their 2007 wedding day, when they shocked the people closest to them with a surprise ceremony.

It turns out, no one had any idea that the party they were showing up to was actually a wedding. "7 years ago today, Marc & I invited our friends to what they thought was my surprise birthday party," Phillipps captioned an Instagram photo on this day five years ago, per Yahoo. "When I showed up, everyone yelled surprise and Marc & I yelled it right back- since they had ACTUALLY been invited to our wedding."

She called it the "most magical and fun day of my life," and went on to discuss how lucky she is to call Silverstein her "partner in crime."

Despite the sweet posts, Phillipps has been vocal about the fact that marriage isn't always as easy as it might look on Instagram. "It's complicated… Everyone is working and struggling to make it work, you know?" she said in a recent interview with Health Magazine. "But I think being honest about how difficult marriage is, and succeeding in long-term relationships is-I think that's a great conversation to be had."

So how has the couple managed to maintain such a strong relationship for over a decade? "Complete honesty is key for us," the actress told Health. "We're just in a place where we're incredibly open and honest with one another about literally everything." She notes that it took years for the two of them to get to this place in their relationship, and says some of it was "f---ing brutal."

"But it really is incredibly helpful, 'cause your partner knows you better than anyone, probably," she continued. "I like being very open and honest. And sometimes that means saying, 'I'm sorry,' and sometimes that means saying, like, 'I need you to say, 'I'm sorry.'”

Cheers to the couple on this milestone, and to many, many more years filled with sweet anniversary Instagram posts.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@busyphillipps