5 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect for Brides-to-Be

5 Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect for Brides-to-Be

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Here comes… the Bride of Chucky! Halloween is one of our absolute favorite holidays, and for very good reason too (hello, free candy). Not to mention, you can be anything you want to be and the options are endless. Because we're obviously all about weddings over here though, we figured some brides might want to go as actual brides-well, with a scary twist, that is. From Tim Burton's Corpse Bride to the Bride of Frankenstein, here are five Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for you and your boo.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Instead of trashing your wedding dress, why not have it hand-dyed blue (along with your veil) for Halloween instead? Pricey, yes, but boy would it be scary cool as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! Or you can always purchase a vintage wedding dress at a thrift store on the cheap to create the perfect costume. Of course, this ensemble wouldn't be complete without a blue wig and an incredible makeup job too. We recommend googling professional tutorials (there's a ton out there) to see how to get the face paint just right. Top off your look with a floral crown and you're ready to roll.

Bride of Chucky

If you're married to a redhead, you've definitely got to try this creepy costume idea! Naturally, your man will go as Chucky. There's no need to have red hair, however, as colored hairspray or a wig works just fine, along with some denim overalls, a bit of "blood," and makeup magic to create those ugly face scars. As for you, a little white (or long dress) with a black motorcycle leather jacket, blonde wig, and goth makeup (think black lips) will get the job done. Big fake eyelashes are also a must and a cigarette tucked behind the ear will totally take it up a notch.

Bride of Frankenstein

Use your own wedding dress if it somewhat fits the bill or shop thrift stores for a long white flowing gown that definitely works. The key to pulling off this creepy bride costume, though, in our opinion, is more about the hair (okay, mostly the hair) and the makeup. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, backcomb your locks into a big voluminous 'do and use a colored hairspray to get those famous white streaks on both sides. Look up makeup tutorials to complete your look, and you're all done. If you suck at hair, book an appointment with a stylist to make sure it's on point for your costume!

The Princess Bride

If you're looking for something a little less scary and more fairy tale-esque, not to mention ridiculously comfortable, we suggest going as Princess Buttercup and getting your guy to be her one true love Westley, because duh! All you need is a red long sleeve maxi-dress and glittery gold belt for yourself, and an all-black ensemble with a matching eye mask, headscarf, and boots for him. Done and done! And so easy to pull together last minute too.

Classic Zombie Bride

And of course your guy will be your zombie groom. Again, if you don't mind trashing your dress (assuming you're already hitched), you can easily use your own to create the costume. Have your guy pull out an old suit he never wears to get the look. From there, you'll need some fake blood splattered all over the both of you, a bouquet, white face paint/makeup to make yourself look dead, and white hairspray for added effect. Feel free to get creative to create your own unique zombie bride and groom look.