Here's How to Actually Make All Those Wedding DIY Tasks Fun

Here's How to Actually Make All Those Wedding DIY Tasks Fun

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Whether you are loving every second of wedding planning, or are simply going through the motions until you get to your big day (and honeymoon) one thing is for sure, when you throw in do-it-yourself tasks, tensions can get a bit higher and stress can rise. After all, that's a lot of pressure on you, and whoever may be helping.

Regardless of what you're creating and crafting to make your wedding day meet your vision, check out these ways to make the whole doing it on your own thing actually fun. (It can happen, promise)

Fun in Numbers
You don't have to go it alone. (Unless you really want to.) There's strength in numbers, and there's also a whole lot of fun in them too. Invite your bridesmaids, friends, cousins, neighbors - whomever you want (and think would be up for the task) for a fun day or night spent crafting and creating, all in honor of your big day. With all the craziness that comes along with wedding planning, you might be missing out on your social life - and this is the perfect way to incorporate both.

Change the Location
Sometimes all you need for some extra fun is a change of scenery. Consider heading to your local park (if weather and the crafts permit, of course) for some sunshine and fresh air to go along with your DIY. You can also ask local businesses (especially on non-busy weeknights) and perhaps set up shop in an area of your favorite bar or restaurant, studio, and more. Get creative with your workspace, and we promise it will make the 150 hand stamped envelopes way more exciting.

Treat Yourself
Hours of glue guns, envelope stuffing, and painting can really work up an appetite. While working so hard on the dГ©cor of your dreams, we think you should treat yourself. If you're hosting, set up a make your own ice cream sundae bar, serve some fun appetizers, or order in some of everyone's favorite bites. Need some libation motivation? Have plenty of wine and beer on hand, and some champagne to celebrate. This may also be the perfect opportunity to test out your signature wedding cocktails.

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Doesn't music make everything at least a little bit better? Well yes, yes it does. Crank up your favorite tunes to provide ambiance so you can whistle (or have a full blown dance party) while you work. Why not give your wedding playlist a whirl to not only ensure you're not missing anything and like your selections, but also get you that much more excited for your fast approaching big day.