BRIDES Northern California: San Francisco's Highest Rated Wedding Bands

BRIDES Northern California: San Francisco's Highest Rated Wedding Bands

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To help you find the best wedding vendors for your big day, we've teamed up with Wedding Wire to bring you hundreds of florists, venues, cake bakers and other vendors across the country! Not only that, but we've got photos, booking info and real brides' reviews of florists, venues, cake bakers and other vendors in your area. But some of these vendors are rated so highly, that we just had to bring them to your attention. Check out the highest-rated wedding bands in San Francisco below, and click through to see what real brides have to say.

Larry Lynch and the Mob

With a wide range of songs that span seven decades, a knack for reading a room and knowing just what song is the right choice to get everyone up on the dance floor or relaxing during cocktail hour, and talent that's on par with the original artists of their covers, it's no musical mystery why Larry Lynch and the Mob is one of the most popular wedding bands in the Bay area. Plus, after playing over 1,500 weddings, Larry Lynch and the Mob have the thrilled testimonials of thousands of blissful brides, happy grooms, and pleased-as-wedding-punch parents to back them up.

Daniel FrГ­es and Trio Paz Spanish Guitar

For muy caliente Spanish guitar music, look no further than Daniel FrГ­es and Trio Paz. Couples love FrГ­es' upbeat Flamenco Rumba, Latin, and Brazilian songs for their Bay-area fiestas and we can see why: "Hiring Daniel FrГ­es was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. He was incredibly prompt and professional in his communication and was able work with our budget. He even sent samples for us to listen to and choose from! During our ceremony, Daniel played the most beautiful solo guitar music while everyone walked down the aisle. Then during cocktail hour, he was joined by his rhythm guitarist and they played AMAZING flamenco music. It was so beautiful, etherial, and, most importantly, unique."

Steve Ezzo and the Monterey Bay All-Stars

If there's one thing all brides need it's choices and that's what they'll get with Steve Ezzo and the Monterey Bay All-Stars. Whether you want a five- to eight-piece band or professional DJ services, they can deliver. Always dreamt of a jazz trio? They've got one. Want a guitar and flute duo? Just ask! And their songbird vocalists can cover anyone from Etta James to Katy Perry and everyone in between.

Hip Service

Hip Service's never-failing professionalism, flexibility, and reliability are what gets them their rave reviews. Pair that with a contagious energy and well-rounded songlist that wedding guests of all ages can't help but get up and dance to - from your flower girl to your hubby's great grandma - and it's no wonder why so many brides say that Hip Service was the best part of their wedding (besides their "I do's" of course!): "The venue (a winery) was perfect. The flowers were spectacular. Our wedding planner was unbelievable. The food was incredible. But I have to say, I think the band made the wedding! I loved every minute."

Fog City Entertainment

Fog City is a full-service entertainment company that offers everything from DJ services, event coordination, professional lighting, and - wait for it - a whopping 11 live music ensembles. These bands all live to play their hearts out just so yours can soar on your wedding day! Whether they end up choosing the high-energy Big City Revue, the classic French duo Laura and Anton, or the traditional Rich Martini Orchestra, brides never fail to dance away happy.


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