This Man Met His Girlfriend on Twitter-Then Proposed in a Tweet

This Man Met His Girlfriend on Twitter-Then Proposed in a Tweet

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As Valentine's Day creeps closer and closer, may this couple's love story inspire you to look for love in one of the most unlikely places: Twitter. Way back in 2014, Torey Stachowicz bit the bullet and asked Ben Axelrod out via Twitter; unlike those "marry me pls" tweets in Chris Evans and Rihanna's mentions, Stachowicz's was actually acknowledged by its intended target. The duo engaged in a short bout of witty banter, Axelrod said yes, and they went on a date. That could've been the end of the story, but this month, more than three years after the initial tweet, Axelrod took to Twitter to pop a question of his own-and Stachowicz said yes!

Let's go back to the beginning. On December 3, 2014, Stachowicz, a Cleveland-based personal trainer, boldly tweeted, "I want to go on a date with @BenAxelrod." Just a few hours later, Axelrod, a producer and sportswriter also based in Cleveland, responded, "you buying?" From there, the pair joked about where they'd go on this momentous first date, eventually settling for somewhere that served chicken fingers (always a good choice).

Over the next few years, though they shared the occasional photo together on Twitter, Stachowicz and Axelrod abstained from any further dramatic professions of love online. Until, that is, last Saturday, when Axelrod retweeted Stachowicz's original, Sadie Hawkins-style tweet and added, "I want to marry @toreydanae." Though Stachowicz didn't respond via Twitter, Axelrod followed up the sweet tweet with a photo of himself proposing to an emotional Stachowicz. "I bent the knee. She said yes!" he captioned the pic. The next day, Stachowicz revealed that she and her fiancГ© had celebrated their engagement extremely well the night before: "My hangover is outta this world #engaged," she tweeted. Sorry, everybody else-these two are officially the couple of the year.