Katie Maloney On What You Didn't See on Camera at Her Wedding

Katie Maloney On What You Didn't See on Camera at Her Wedding

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Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney's August wedding to Tom Schwartz was absolutely magical and though the cameras were there to capture a lot of it, there are a few secrets the waitress and beauty blogger let us in on in a recent sit down at SUR. Here are all the details and secrets on Katie and Tom's wedding.

The Dress
“It was everything that I didn't know that I wanted,” said Maloney of her $15,000 Zuhair Murad-designed gown. However, when she found it, she said she didn't feel quite mentally ready to be in the dress shopping phase yet. “I wanted to work out more or whatever,” she told When Jessica presented her with this option at first she thought it seemed a little busy. “But then I put it on and I was like 'Whoa!' Immediately I was just, like, I need to wear this dress,” she said. “I had a vision of the dress, but this totally surpassed it. I have to give the credit to Rachel at Kleinfeld because she saw where I was going and then swooped in and saved the day.”

The Planning
Though it looked like longer, Maloney actually only had 12 weeks to plan the 100-person wedding. She doesn't suggest working on this crunched timeline, but she actually ended up being pleased with the slight rush. “It was almost a blessing in some ways because I had to really make decisions. Like the venue I was able to get right away and then luckily it was very all inclusive so they took care of all the rentals and linens, glasses and cutlery, and all the things you don't really think of, so that was great. But it was a lot. I don't recommend it, but when you don't have much time you don't dawdle as much. “

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The Twilight Comparison
After the wedding episode aired on Bravo many people said it resembled Bella and Edward's wedding in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-rustic ceremony in the woods for the win! Maloney said she actually hadn't seen the film but welcomes the comparison. “You know what? I'm for it,” she said. Maloney and Schwartz's wedding took place at the Twenty Mile House in Northern California. Like the world's most famous vampires, they wed underneath a ceremony arch of white drapery, with white flower petals everywhere and trees circling them. Both brides even had similar veils! But Maloney said she always wanted an outdoor wedding after growing up in Utah.

Lisa Vanderpump really killed it in her role as the wedding officiant (who wouldn't want Lisa Vanderpump to marry them?), but if she had turned their offer down, who would the duo have picked to marry them? “Not Jax,” said Maloney. She wasn't quite sure who she would pick, but said she would consider an Elvis impersonator to do it as the couple loves Elvis.

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No Assigned Seating
Maloney said this was a choice the couple made to encourage a more party-like atmosphere. “When you plan a wedding in 12 weeks you make certain cuts, but truthfully if we had had three years I wouldn't have done that. I don't like when there are rules and regiment at weddings. We wanted people to be comfortable to sit where they wanted,” she told “We wanted to keep some elements of tradition, but really we just wanted to make it a really memorable night and not just for us, but for everybody.” And it sounds like they succeeded as she said everyone danced the whole night and some of the wedding party broke dawn.

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Brooch Bouquet
Always a great idea for detail, Maloney decided to be very different with her bouquet and create a brooch bouquet. “I had seen pictures of them before, but I thought what if I made them with brooches from all the women in my life. I thought it would be special to represent them,” she said. This is also where she incorporated her something-blue and something-borrowed. The bouquet included a silver chain from Vanderpump, and a brooch in the shape of an alligator from Ariana Madix.

Why She Wanted Her Wedding To Be on the Show
“I know our show portrays a lot of not so positive and not uplifting things sometimes, but ultimately we had shared our relationship with this audience and they had been so supportive over the years, so I was really confident that we should share it. We were not paid so there wasn't any incentive to do it on the show.”

Though Maloney had many bridesmaids, she did not have a maid of honor. “I have so many friends that bring so many things to the table. Kristin Doute of Vanderpump Rules is really good about the lists and the texts and the phone calls and Stassi Schroeder is a really great visionary. Brittany Cartwright can cheer anybody up and likes to have fun so she is great to have around. I feel like if I had picked one to be my maid of honor other people wouldn't have wanted to help out.

Lisa's Best Advice
Vanderpump gave the couple a lot of relationship advice but she as for wedding advice she said, “Don't have Kristen and Stassi there.” However, Maloney insists they were great bridesmaids.

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Tom's Vows
Maloney's husband got quite choked up during the wedding vows but before the tears he started with a joke which stressed out Maloney. “I was like, 'Great. He has a little schtick. I don't have a schtick.” She added, “I had seen his softer side so I wasn't as surprised as other people. I've seen the episode probably five times and I cry every time.”