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15 Fall Manicures to Inspire Every Bride-to-Be

15 Fall Manicures to Inspire Every Bride-to-Be

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We're suckers for a beautiful wedding manicure, but let's not forget that a bride-to-be's hands will be on display at all times leading up to the big day. From the moment you get engaged, everyone you know will be clamoring to get a look at your ring finger, which means your fall manicure will be in the spotlight more than ever this season. Between getting engaged and the time following your walk down the aisle is a slew of events, from the bridal shower to your honeymoon-and all the more reason to put impeccably polished nails on your to-do list. Whether you're a minimalist or favor bold tips, we rounded up 15 fall manicures, straight from Instagram, to take you from the moment you say "yes" to "I do," and beyond.

Ring Selfie

We can all agree that a manicure can make or break a ring selfie. It serves as the official statement of your engagement all over social media-so regardless of your fall nail color of choice, nail art should be minimal to ensure all the attention is on your shiny new bauble.

Bridal Shower

Your bridal shower is one of the first events preceding the momentous engagement where friends and family in attendance will be up close and personal with your ring-and hand. This is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a statement-making manicure with embellishments and nail art that will complement your diamond.

Bachelorette Party

When it comes to "the last fling," your mani should match your style-and whether that's subdued or bold, there's shine-packed varnish and glinty accents to match your vibe.

Wedding Day

While we are all for neutral tones on the big day, there's something about details like rose-gold striping, black tips, and abstract art that elevates the traditional bridal manicure.


Whether you're jetting to a tropical destination or visiting a big city on your honeymoon, it's the perfect excuse to go all out in the nail-art department. Punches of color, from a palm tree motif to soft curves against a pale manicure, make up our favorites.

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