Real Wedding Guests Share: How Much Money They Gave and Why

Real Wedding Guests Share: How Much Money They Gave and Why

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Everyone knows you never show up to a wedding empty handed. But for those giving cash, exactly how much do you give? Whether you're pre-planning and budgeting for your gift, or are frantically writing a check in the car, here's what real wedding guests gave at the last wedding they attended, and why.

“The last wedding I went to was for a good friend of ours, and my boyfriend was in the bridal party. We gave $300 from the two of us.” -Gina

“Just two weeks ago I went to a wedding stag because my husband was away on business. I gave $150, because they also didn't come to my wedding and gave me salad bowls as my wedding present.” -Kristina

“My life is like 27 Dresses! For the last wedding, I gave $350 (from my boyfriend and I). That's just what I usually give.” - Melissa

“I went to a wedding of a friend from law school. I gave $75 and my date gave $75 so it was $150 from the two of us. I was studying for the bar, and didn't have a job so it's what I could afford to give.” -Tara

“Last time we gave $300. It's what we give all the time. After getting married, I figured it's the right amount to both cover our plates and ensure the couple gets a bit leftover as a gift, as well.” -Michael

“I didn't give anything yet for the last wedding I went to! I always wait a few weeks, because I like to send it and then they get a little surprise in the mail once all the excitement and stuff has worn off.” -Megan

“We gave $400 at the last wedding, for my husband and I. It's what we always give unless it's a destination wedding or they gave us significantly less.” -Christina

“My husband and I always laugh about this because we always run to the ATM right before we leave for the wedding. We intend to typically give $250 as a couple, but the ATM always gives out in $20s so we end up giving $260.” -Alisha

“I attended a wedding that I had to stay over for in order to be able to go. That affected how much I gave, so I ended up giving $100 for myself.” -Robert

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“$100 a head is my rule, always. But for the last wedding we gave $150 per person because they were exceptionally generous when it was our turn.” -Amy