A Complete Wedding-Day Survival Guide for Introverts

A Complete Wedding-Day Survival Guide for Introverts

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Overwhelmed by large crowds? Hate being the center of attention? Need alone time to reenergize? Then you might be an introvert! And as excited as you are for your wedding, chances are, you're also dreading the whole all eyes on you all night, small talk, go-go-go aspect of it. Whether you're planning a big day or a small one though, there are certain things you can do to help minimize anxiety and get rid of some of those pre-wedding jitters.

Face the front.

For brides (and grooms) with stage fright, renowned wedding officiant Reverend Clint Hufft suggests couples not face directly at each other during the ceremony but angle their bodies a bit toward the front. "The goal is to allow the guests to observe and feel connected to the couple but give the couple a 'safe place' to focus completely on each other and the moment."

Keep it small.

Because let's be real, the less small talk you have to do the better, right? If you can swing it and your fiancГ© is also on board, a smaller wedding that really only includes your nearest and dearest family and friends is definitely the way to go, advises Lauren Randolph, founder of My Hotel Wedding. "This way, you aren't bombarded by people you barely know."

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Do a first look.

If you're introverted, the last thing you want is the added stress and pressure of seeing your soon to be hubby for the first time in front of a big crowd, points out Randolph. "Work with your wedding planner and photographer to orchestrate a more intimate and private first look instead. It really takes away the nerves for the rest of the day, believe it or not."

Schedule in some alone time.

Weddings are pretty hectic, and unfortunately for introverts, there's not a lot of down time involved. That's why Connecticut wedding and social event planner Bill Parkinson recommends taking some breaks throughout the day to recharge and prepare yourself for all the attention you're bound to get.

Don't do a solo first dance.

No need to take center stage if the mere thought of it makes you uncomfortable. Instead, opt to do a special dance that allows all married couples to join you out on the dance floor, offers Tiffany Gillespie, event coordinator and owner of To the "T" Events & Catering. You can have the DJ bring everyone else out immediately or after a minute or so of the two of you just dancing by yourselves.

Skip the sweetheart table.

And other traditions that shine a spotlight on you like the bouquet toss, walk down the aisle or a flashy reception entrance! There are so many ways to get creative while still keeping your special day just as special. For example, "You can sit at a guest table filled with a small group of your favorite people, the guests and wedding party members you feel the most comfortable with," says wedding planner Liz Coopersmith of Silver Charm Events.


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