5 Thoughtful Ways to Surprise Your FiancГ© at His Bachelor Party

5 Thoughtful Ways to Surprise Your FiancГ© at His Bachelor Party

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As your wedding day gets closer, it's time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties to begin. Whether you're having your celebrations the same weekend or are celebrating at separate times, it's a great idea to surprise your man with a token of your love and excitement for your soon-to-be wedding. Check out these ideas on how you can surprise him (without being a meddling or anxious bride) and his crew on their special weekend.

Beer and Booze Delivery

Many major cities offer a variety of beer and alcohol delivery apps including MiniBar, Drizly, Drinkfly, and more. These innovative services make it easy to have your guy's favorite beverages waiting for him at their weekend abode. A fun and practical way to say, "this round's on me" or "cheers" to a fun weekend, you can also contact local liquor stores that deliver to stock up the room.

Room Service

Contact the hotel that the guys will be staying at ahead of time and place an order - which will be waiting for them before they arrive. Whether it's an assortment of alcohol, snacks, or a fun combination of both, he will be stunned by the surprise (and they're sure to be hungry after their travels, too). Forward thinking brides-to-be may opt for later room service delivery like burgers, pizza, or wings to await the guys late-night if they have a case of the after-partying munchies. Or, arrange breakfast and coffee delivery to help with the highly-likely hangovers. (You'll also be considered a hero to all in attendance.)

Sneak Something In His Suitcase

Surprise your man while he unpacks by adding something special to his luggage. Whether it's a simple note wishing him the best time and saying how you can't wait to marry him, a gift card to a fun place you know he'll be heading to on the trip, a fun stack of singles for the strip club, or something else - he'll be over the moon to know you're thinking of him. (Because he's thinking of you, too!) Just be sure to keep in mind carry-on luggage restrictions while you're sneaking in surprises!

"Let Me Upgrade Ya"

Depending on the plans and what part your fiancГ© has had in the finances of his trip, consider upgrading his hotel room to a suite or his coach seat to first class. Be certain to coordinate it ahead of time with the hotel or airline, and it's a good idea to let at least one member of the bachelor party brigade know what you've got up your sleeve.

Recruit the Best Man for Help

Consult the best man for ideas or details on some (not all!) aspects of the itinerary to help you plan a small surprise. If they're going somewhere for dinner, you can take care of a round of drinks, shots, or desserts by calling ahead and adding to the reservation. Headed to a game? Pack a team t-shirt or hoodie in his bag as a small token. If they're going to a casino, maybe you want to stuff some extra cash in his wallet for good luck. With the help of the best man or groomsmen, your surprise can be truly unique and custom!


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