Holiday Shopping Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Holiday Shopping Tips Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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When it comes to holiday shopping, theres usually two extremes-real life elves and real life grinches. Whether you find shopping and spending exhilarating or nauseating, we're here to help. Check out these holiday shopping tips based on your zodiac sign, with expert insight from astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright.


You're on a mission. You have a plan, have mapped out the stores, and know exactly what you want and what price you are going to pay. You rush in, and get out fast, preferably when the crowds are low (you might run into Leos and briefly chat). The gifts are precisely what the recipient has requested or needed. They are wrapped and tucked under the tree, and all of this is done in one day because Aries has no time to mess around.

Shopping tip: Since we're under a Mercury Retrograde this season, have a couple of options and don't get caught up trying to find exactly what you had on your list.


Taurus likes to give gifts that are thoughtful and elegant. You dislike large crowds so shopping online or in a boutique store before the rush is a good idea. Sometimes, you even prefer to send food packages or flowers-Taurus loves things that feel, taste or smell good, and something that can be delivered without a hassle. You're all about doing things as simply, and yet mindfully as possible. On another note, your home may be spectacularly decorated and smell like a winter wonderland.

Shopping tip: Plan your shopping trip so you have time to sit and relax in the middle.


You create lists of names and at least two options for each person, then you head to the mall randomly. You look at everything, trying to decide what to get each person then buy several items on sale for yourself, and head home with no gifts purchased, but that's ok. You're ready to go out and do it again the next day! Boundless energy and curiosity, Gemini gifts are cute, fun and typically come with a story about how they were going to get you this… but got you that… or, “Let me tell you how I found this… ”

Shopping tip: A good tip for them may you to bring a friend to keep you focused, but that doesn't always work because Geminis can distract anyone.


You love giving gifts of sentimental value and comfort but are not comfortable in the Christmas rush and crowds. You need to curl up with hot cocoa and a blanket after a shopping trip, so you may prefer to shop online. DNA tests are big this year and that is something a Cancer might like to give or get-they love to know their family history. Picture frames, sweaters, and scarves to keep you warm, you'll want to be super thoughtful about wellbeing in your gift selection.

Shopping tip: Order personalized gifts (engraved, etc.) early or online, or use your amazing culinary skills to bake gifts for friends and family.


Leos are super generous and love to lavish gifts on their loved ones. However, you need to be sure to set a budget for shopping, otherwise you can get carried away! Leos are the ones you see dancing around and singing Christmas carols in the store with the cart filled to the brim with big boxes and shiny stuff, and that may be for just two people on their list, with 20 left to go! Most Leos prefer to avoid the madness of the Christmas rush so shopping on a weekday might suit you best. It's fun, but to a point. You just love to make everyone happy. Expect something spectacular from your Leo and do NOT forget to thank them repeatedly.

Shopping tip: Eh, you can't tell Leo how to shop, sorry. BUT you can have friends over for a gift wrapping party that will take some of the pressure off you having to do it all yourself.


Virgos generally have all their shopping done by June, neatly wrapped and stored. Those that have a procrastination problem (there are a few) will start to stress out around October if they haven't completed their list and will continue to stress until it's done. Your gifts are lovely and well thought out and wrapped just as beautifully. You are no-nonsense when it comes to navigating the crowds if you have to, you'll be in and out of the stores quickly,. You likely have one or two unique places you frequent and may even be friendly enough with the owners to have everything wrapped and delivered by the shop.

Shopping tip: Online is your best friend. Have packages delivered right to your recipients door-no muss, no fuss, leaving plenty of time for your volunteer work.


Libras have this down pat! You can shop every day, and love the lights, the music, the cheerfulness of the season and love to chat with strangers. Libras, as we know, do have trouble making decisions so for them adhering to a strict list helps, but the more you see, the more you'll veer off the list. You are the epitome of holiday spirit. Unfortunately, rude people will get to you so limit your time by going shopping a little bit every day. Libras are the ones who can turn a shopping trip into a girls (or boys)day out, gathering up all their friends to shop together all day and have dinner and drinks afterward. Joy to the world-the Libras are shopping! You'll also find them singing Christmas Carols in the aisles with Leo.

Shopping tip: Remember, it's a stressful time for many so don't take it personally if others aren't as accommodating as you are. And, bring a pendulum or something to help you decide if you should purchase something, using a yes/no tool can be most helpful for you.


Scorpios can deal with Christmas, but not the commercialism of it. You're not known for your generosity (givd AMAZING gifts to those they are close with), so this can be a stressful time. You can be a bit overwhelmed by all the noise, clutter and expenses, but you've probably known what to get for months and have delighted in keeping it a secret. Scorpios are likely to hunt down the most incredible gift and tuck it away earlier in the year, but leave a few things on the list as an excuse to join in the holiday hunt. For those Scorpios who are a little less than organized, you pride yourselves in navigating the malls with an energy bubble around you, only needing food, water, and cash. You scour with your eagle eyes all the best gift ideas for each person, keeping it fair and even and then check off the carefully crafted list. Scorpios love to win-and finding that perfect gift gives them great satisfaction. Recovery from the madness usually requires a massage and a nap. Scorpios need quiet time after engaging, but you do enjoy it when you're in the right mood!

Shopping tip: Lighten up! Every gift doesn't have to be mind blowing. Sometimes a silly gift is just what someone needs to brighten their spirit. Also remember it's not a competition.


This adventurer loves the craziness of Christmas, so you probably were in the Black Friday lines early just ready to pounce on a great deal. When Sags have their act together, they can be very thoughtful in gift giving, but most will be found picking up last minute items in the mall on Christmas Eve, thinking of it as a treasure hunt for that just-right gift to make the recipient smile and laugh. Sag, like Gemini, is likely to find a lot of stuff they like too since you're a lucky sign. Whenever there are sales popping, you'll get the best deals and just can't resist! (PS: Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is known as the Santa Claus planet in Astrology.)

Shopping tip: Don't bring your credit cards or checks. Use cash only, but keep it tucked away in a safe place. All those distractions could cause you to lose it.


Capricorns get a bad rap about being a unemotional, but this time of year brings out their sentimentality and sweetness. You'd rather shop online or give gifts like oil changes or gift cards. You also may want to purchase gifts from a friend who sells a reliable and practical product. Some Caps would rather hire a personal shopper to do it for them, but your gift ideas will be appreciated and enjoyed long after the holidays are over. Ruled by Saturn, who likes longevity and practicality, you will gift with that same energy. Many times, you also have birthdays right around Christmas so gifting Capricorns simple and useful gifts is a great idea as well. In their own quiet way Capricorns love the holidays, so don't think you won't have fun eating gingerbread cookies while sitting by the fire.

Shopping tip: Use a shopping service if you can. Otherwise, get out early in the morning on a weekday when you can concentrate and check that list off in order.


Aquarius is like the playful puppy or kitten at Christmastime. So much to see, so many fun things to do. You love all the opportunities to help others and bring good cheer to the world. Aquarians give unique gifts-anything from technology to new age is their style. You tend to have their own way of celebrating the holidays and as much as you can handle the crowds at the mall, you are super creative and many will prefer to make candles, oils, or a delicious homemade ginger syrup using only organic ingredients. You'll give gifts like tickets to a concert or a fun event, or board games that require a high degree of skill like video games and the latest gadgets. Aquarians sometimes reach a frustration level when people don't make sense, like when stores won't open another cashier lane when it's clearly sorely needed. While others patiently wait, Aquarius can run around looking for another way out and thinking about how you can carefully craft an email to the store manager to fix this, because, it's only fair that they fix this for everyone, right?

Shopping tip: Shop local, early and in boutiques. Avoid big box stores. Online also works for you well for technology and toys. Remember, patience!

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Our most sensitive sign of the zodiac, sweet Pisces can come unglued around any negativity or stress so you are DEFINITELY not mall crawlers around this time of year. Unfortunately, online isn't quite your style either as you need to feel the gifts, sense the energy of them. You love to give gifts with a personal touch. Perhaps you'll paint something, or give stuffed animals or music or artsy/crafty pieces like a needlepoint with your favorite saying on it. That is, if you've managed to stay focused enough to finish it during the year. Sometimes Pisces get a bit distracted so if you have to give gifts from a store, opt for uniquely selected wine, fine liqueur, or a handmade item from a local art gallery. You remember everything your loved ones like, and pay attention when people drop hints. So, you've got this.

Shopping tip: Purchase crafting supplies super early and set a specific day or time to spend working on your gifts, if going the DIY route. Also, be sure to make your gifts about two weeks before Christmas so if you don't finish on that date, you'll have more time. Everything with a Pisces takes a bit longer than you think it will.