5 Tools to Make Your Wedding Guests' Lives Easier

5 Tools to Make Your Wedding Guests' Lives Easier

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One of the biggest hurdles of wedding planning is creating your guest list. Once you've nailed down who you want to attend your wedding and have sent out save-the-dates, your guests will start their journey of planning their travel to your wedding, what gifts they want to get you, and if you need them to help out.

Once you have that guest list finalized, you'll find yourself managing RSVPs, incoming questions, and even some of the headaches your guests face as they get things in order to attend your wedding. Check out our list below of five tools that will make your guests' lives a whole lot easier in preparation for your wedding.

1. A Wedding Website

One of the first things you should do after you've nailed down your wedding details (such as your wedding date and location) is create a wedding website. Having a place for your guests to turn to for ongoing wedding information will help them stay in the loop on hotels, your registry, and timing for the pre-wedding events. You can customize this website to showcase your wedding details, share your love story, and even highlight who the members of your wedding party are.

2. An Easy Way for Them to RSVP

A big headache that creeps up on a lot of couples before their wedding is trying to get their guests to remember to RSVP. You might have a lot of guests who rip open your wedding invitation with such excitement and then completely forget to mail back their RSVP card. Use an app or an online system, like RSVPIFY, so that your guests can submit their response in seconds without having to worry about filling out a card and placing it in their mailbox. You can even email a link to the app or website you pick so they can be reminded that their RSVP is late.

3. A Portable Itinerary for the Day

You'll start to notice that as your wedding day gets closer, your guests will come to you with questions about the timing of the day, local activities they can partake in during downtime, and even what time the ceremony starts. To avoid getting a ton of text messages and phone calls, create a portable itinerary that you can send to guests or use a program like Ceremony App to have a timeline and schedule available for guests to turn to and check-in throughout your wedding adventure.

4. A Fast Way for Them to Share Photos

Practically all of your guests will be equipped with a cell phone handy and will be ready and willing to snap photos throughout the event. To encourage them to take more photos and have them sent to you in an organized way, consider opting in to a photo sharing program, whether it's a shared Google Drive or a program like Wed Pics. That way, you can wake up the morning after your wedding with thousands of good photos to look through.

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5. An Accessible Registry

Be sure to make it easy for guests to find out what kinds of gifts you're looking for so that they can buy them for you with a simple click of a button. Organize your wedding registry through the online portal of the stores you are registering with or set up an easy to view gift list on Amazon. It's also important to display your registry on your wedding website so that your guests don't have to snoop around to see exactly where you are registered.