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How to Sneak Away to Change Into Your Reception Dress - Without Anyone Noticing!

How to Sneak Away to Change Into Your Reception Dress - Without Anyone Noticing!

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No matter how perfectly your wedding dress is altered, sometimes you just need a backup option so you can dance all night without a voluminous skirt holding you back. While you want to make a grand entrance when you've changed into look number two, you don't want guests to notice you've slipped away, so here's the best way to make a costume change without garnering any extra attention (until you've come back in your new dress, of course!).

When it comes to quietly changing into your reception dress, timing is key. Pick a moment when guests will be distracted so they won't notice you're gone. A transition between different portions of the evening would be the best, as everyone is up and wandering around - and it also lends itself to your big reveal once you're dressed!

If you want to get some bang for your buck out of both your ceremony and your reception dress, time your change to take place between cocktail hour and dinner, when guests are being encouraged to find their seats. You'll have spent the ceremony and cocktail hour in your wedding dress (with ample time for pictures!), and also have around 15 minutes to sneak away and change, as it can take a little while for your guests to figure out where their table is and finally sit down! Then, when you're introduced as newlyweds, you'll be able to show off your second ensemble with the crowd's full attention.

You could also step away to change after toasts and before the first dance. Again, this will mean all eyes are on you when your reception dress makes its debut, and you'll have the benefit of a few minutes while guests get up from their seats and head to the dance floor to watch you take your first spin as husband and wife.

The third option is to simply wait until all that dancing has made you too warm to keep your gown on. When the band is in full swing, step out for a minute to change, then make a beeline for your new hubby and the center of the dance floor - or jump on stage so everyone can really get a good look!