BRIDES Philadelphia: Museum and Library Wedding Venues For an Epic Wedding Reception

BRIDES Philadelphia: Museum and Library Wedding Venues For an Epic Wedding Reception

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Whether you and your spouse-to-be are hopeless romantics Г la Romeo and Juliet, hard-partying sophisticates like Gatsby and Daisy, or witty banterers like Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, what better way to show off your brainy side than with a museum or library wedding? With unique artwork displayed throughout, spaces that lend themselves to personalization, these literary venues in Philadelphia will make sure your bash is the perfect start to this next chapter in your lives. (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves!)

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Above)

It's rare to find a place that can cater to a number of different aesthetics all under one (sorta!) roof. In its multiple-building campus, the museum houses unique spaces that can nod to a number of different time periods. The museum's Tuttleman Sculpture Gallery, with its stark white walls, light wood floor and iron sculptures dotting the space is the perfect space for a modern and minimalist bride. Meanwhile, the Washington Foyer, with its vaulted archways, warm-toned walls, gold accents and globe lighting nod to a style closer to - you guessed it - the Revolutionary War period.

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Color outside the lines with a wedding at one of the city's cultural mainstays - and home of the Rocky steps. Because of the museum's vast and varied collection of artwork, couples can choose among a number of eras as a backdrop for your nuptials. Host a garden party right outside the Rodin Museum, where a reflecting pool, botany of all sorts and a large collection of Rodin's sculptures will make you feel like you're in the French countryside. The museum's Main Building, marked by its stately outdoor columns and known for its awe-inspiring Great Stair Hall, is the ideal locale for an upscale and elegant affair that a city-dwelling bride would love.

Photo: Courtesy of WeddingWire

American Swedish Historical Museum

Looking to infuse a bit of old school charm into your big day? The American Swedish Historical Museum, built in the style of a 17th century manor, is the perfect fit to infuse style of a bygone era into your event. In addition to honoring Swedish heritage with an impressive collection of artwork, textiles, music, and architectural artifacts, the venue is nestled in FDR Park - its nearly 350-acre expanse of greenery and an ideal nearby backdrop for wedding party photos.

Barry M. Winiker

Photo: Getty Images

Parkway Central Library

This historic venue with its imposing staircases, stone walls, and columns is a gorgeous setting for a posh party that has some Old World charm. A cocktail party on the venue's second floor landing will allow you to live out your childhood dream of having a massive library all to yourself - yes, we know you imagined yourself in that scene in Beauty and the Beast - except the grown-up version. In addition to its indoor spaces, the locale's terrace provides clear views of the city skyline and adjacent Shakespeare Park. The man practically invented romance writing, so haven't his name nearby surely can't hurt the romantic mood of the day!