Ring Pillow Alternatives: Cute Signs

Ring Pillow Alternatives: Cute Signs

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Instead of a pair of faux rings on a satin pillow, give your littlest attendant a more creative and fun accessory to carry down the aisle. We love the idea of asking your ring bearer to carry a sweet sign announcing your arrival - it's guaranteed to delight your guests. Here are a few of our favorite ring-bearer signs:

Here Comes Your Girl (above): For more rustic wedding settings, paint your sign using a large swatch of burlap.

Photo: via Colin Cowie Weddings

Here She Comes: Another great idea for a wedding held at a farm or barn is to repurpose a piece of reclaimed wood as a simple ring bearer sign.

Photo: Kina Wicks

Paper Flags: This couple's ring bearers carried flags as they made their way down the aisle, announcing the bride's arrival.

Photo: Laura Izumikawa Photography

Oh Yes, Here She Comes: This sweet sign is trimmed with lace and decorated with a little baby's breath crown.

Photo: Maggie Conley Photography

Here Comes the Bride: A sign like this is an easy DIY project and will build anticipating for your ceremony arrival.

Photo: Erin Milknik

Heart-Shaped Sign: This one is guaranteed a chorus of "Awwws!"

Photo: Erin Hearts Court

Chalkboard Sign: This hand-drawn chalkboard sign decorated with blooms is simple and sweet.

Photo: Tessa J.

Here Comes Forever: This adorable bow-tie wearing ring bearer walked down the aisle wearing this chalkboard sign.