10 Things to Put on Your Honeymoon Packing List

10 Things to Put on Your Honeymoon Packing List

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Even though we've all had romantic daydreams about how fantastic our honeymoon will be someday, it seems to be the one aspect of the wedding that many of brides completely put off planning until the very last minute. For some it's budget-related because they have to know what they owe for their wedding before they can splurge on a trip. But others are just procrastinators who don't realize how stressed-out they'll be if they don't plan their honeymoon packing ahead of time.

While there's certainly no rule that you have to take a suitcase of brand-new clothing on your honeymoon, you'll want to bring some new and special things to help make the trip even more memorable. And we're not just talking about lingerie. (Though, you should pack some!)

Your packing list will be determined, to a great extent, by where you're going to honeymoon. If you're headed off on a ski adventure in the Alps, half of your luggage will be ski gear. A bride packing for a honeymoon at a tropical resort might not need as much luggage as she thinks because itty bitty bikinis and sundresses don't take up nearly as much room.

In addition to the basics, you should also include the following items on your honeymoon packing list:

1. A special outfit to wear to dinner the first night.

2. Special lingerie to surprise your new spouse with the first night.

3. Perfume and bath gel that you wore for your wedding - special scents help establish really wonderful memories.

4. A music playlist of your favorite tunes as a couple, all set to go on your phone or iPod, and a little speaker you can plug into it and take with you to the beach or wherever.

5. Small collapsible cooler for keeping a few bottles cold (water, beer, champagne, for example) in your room or when you go adventuring if your accommodations don't provide something for you to use.

6. Reading material - for both of you. If you know what your fiancГ©'s favorite magazines are or notice a new book out by his favorite author, pick up something to entertain him as well.

7. Birth control. If you're going someplace remote, there may not be a major drugstore chain handy. (Ever wonder how so many people accidentally start a family on their honeymoon?)

8. A special outfit to wear the last night of your honeymoon - you're going to take a million pictures.

9. Surprise lingerie for the last night that makes it as special as your first night.

10. An outfit to travel home in, keeping in mind the climate where you'll be landing. Nothing is worse than waiting for a taxi in sandals at the airport, freezing to death.

Owner of Weddings in Vieques, a destination-wedding planning company off the coast of Puerto Rico, Sandy Malone has helped countless couples plan their big day since 2007.