10 Rules for Taking Engagement Ring Selfies

10 Rules for Taking Engagement Ring Selfies

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You've got the guy and you've got the ring! Now, what do you do before jumping into months of wedding planning? You've got to take that coveted engagement ring selfie, of course! You've been dreaming of this snazzy snap ever since the hashtag began trending and now you can't wait to mark this milestone by telling the whole wide world (or at least just your Instagram followers) that the love of your life popped the question.

But hold on a second… weren't you just complaining last week that you found out about your friend's engagement on Instagram? Or about how your cousin seems obsessed with snapping a pic of her sparkler from every angle imaginable?

We get that you want to show off your brand new bauble, but a Facebook feed full of faux-pas will have your friends and followers rolling their eyes at their screens and logging off. So how do you get the news out without overdoing it? By following these simple guidelines for your sparkly snap! From diamond don'ts to filter fails, here's exactly how to take an #engagementringselfie that isn't totally obnoxious!

Don't Tell Facebook First

Think mom wants to find out that her only daughter is a bride-to-be through social media? Yeah, that's a big no-no. As soon as he pops the question and your happy tears have subsided, you're going to want to immediately capture the moment and tell the whole, wide world. But take a day (or even an hour) to tell those nearest and dearest to you in-person or over the phone. Trust us, your family and friends will be annoyed that they found out about your newly engaged status at the same time as that old co-worker you haven't spoken to in five years did, via an Instagram post.

Avoid Total Social Media Takeover

We get it: you're obsessed with your new bling (and rightfully so!). Right now, it's all you want to see, but that doesn't necessarily go for every single one of your Instagram followers, Facebook friends, and Twitter fans… your friends are sure to ooh-and-ahh the first time they see it, but clogging everyone's social media feeds with 10 pictures in a row of your ring is bound to cause an eye-roll.

Pamper and Primp (But Within Reason!)

After seeing dozens of #engagementringselfies, you probably already know this, but no one wants to see your beautiful engagement bling on chipped nails. Imperfect nail polish takes away from your frankly perfect ring, so go right ahead and beautify your hands! Drink tons of water before you take your sparkly snap (to de-puff and rehydrate those fingers after tons of happy tears!), exfoliate, manicure, and moisturize. That being said, keep things simple. If you don't normally wear hot pink glitter nail polish or French tips, don't. And those filler injections, laser treatments, and hand-lifts brides-to-be are supposedly getting just for the selfie? Just say no.

Photo: BRIDES; Ring by ArtCarvedВ

Act Natural

Sure, you want your selfie to spread like wildfire, and that may tempt you to search for an awe-inspiring backdrop or the perfect props, but try to keep things natural. If your usual state of being is holding a Starbucks cup, have the barista write "Mrs." on it and go to town! If champagne makes you sick, why pretend to sip it just for the snap? Your friends will see right through it and won't be impressed.

Get Creative (But Not Silly… )

Don't be afraid to stand out in a crowd! Incorporate trinkets, treasures, or a place that is meaningful to you and your brand new fiancГ©. You can even have your furry friend make a cameo! But prop overload, cheesy poses, or a way-out-there theme will look ridiculous to your Facebook friends, and to you in about 10 years.

В Photo: Evan James Ltd. via Instagram; Ring by ArtCarved

Your Mom Said it First: Clean Your Room!

Think that household rule is no longer in effect now that you're all grown up? Think again! A backdrop full of clutter can make viewers cringe. Not only does it seriously distract from your dazzling diamond, but also, do you really need all your followers to see your piles of dirty laundry? We think not.

Hear No Price Tag, Speak No Price Tag, See No Price Tag

We wish it went without saying, but bragging about how much moolah your hubby dropped on your ring is just tacky-plain and simple. Think you're being slick by simply dropping hints about your bling's hefty price tag (i.e. by sneaking the gift bag from the most expensive jewelry boutique in town into the background)? That will definitely not garner you 'likes.'

Photo: Photo: BRIDES; Rings by ArtCarvedВ

It's (Technically) Not All About You

You may well be the belle of the ball come your wedding day, but what about the guy at your side? He's the one that just slipped that sparkler on your finger, after all. Let him in on the action and include him in the shot, whether he's on bended knee in the background or grasping your newly blinged-out hand. An engagement selfie that's literally all about yourself is just plain selfish.

Photo: Dalila Muniz Denton via Instagram; Ring by ArtCarvedВ

Cut the Chaotic Collages

Is picking out just one image of your stunning stone turning into Sophie's Choice? Sorry ladies, but you gotta force yourselves to choose! Turning dozens of your engagement ring snaps into a PicStitch or photo collage just looks messy, takes away from your beautiful bauble, and looks like you're just a tad full of yourself. Nobody wants that.

Ring and Photo by ArtCarved

Filter Fails

#Nofilter exists for a reason, ladies, and something as pretty as your engagement bling is precisely why. Slapping on an obvious Instagram filter pushes your stunning sparkler out of the spotlight-it suddenly becomes all about Valencia, Nashville, and Early Bird instead of about you, your hubby, and your new jewelry. Plus, it's suddenly clear just how much effort you put into taking your "on-the-whim" selfie (which was probably already a lot, but that'll just be our little secret). All that brand new bauble needs to sparkle and shine is a little natural sunlight. After all, your friends want to see you (or your hands, anyway). Be true to yourself and you'll reap the rewards-mainly in the form of tons of 'likes!'