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Must-Follow Style Tips for Mismatching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Must-Follow Style Tips for Mismatching Your Bridesmaid Dresses

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One of the most popular wedding party trends right now is mismatched bridesmaids dresses. While we LOVE when brides do this, sometimes working with too many variables and options can lead to a visual disaster. So how do you get the look and keep your ladies in style? Read on for tips on how to mismatch your bridesmaid dresses.

Tie it Together. While alternating colors, styles, silhouettes, or all of the above, it's important to have one design component that ties all the looks together for a cohesive aesthetic. Perhaps a rhinestone belt or hairpiece can do the trick. If you're alternating dress colors, represent each color in the bridesmaid bouquet for stunning photos. Or, consider statement necklaces or earrings for a uniform accessory look. (You can give these as bridesmaid gifts, too!)

Choice and Voice. The beauty of having various bridesmaid dresses is that each girl can feel beautiful and confident in their own look, while still fitting in to your desired vision and color scheme. Before you go assigning the dress model, make and color, talk to your girls. When having a uniformed style, this isn't always an option, but we can guarantee your bridal party will be more than grateful to have their voices and concerns heard. Bustier bridesmaids may want a more modest neckline, some girls may want fitted silhouettes and others may not have a preference whatsoever, but since you have the room for discussion take this opportunity to give your girls a choice.

Length Counts. In the true spirit of mismatching, dress lengths can vary, too. Just be sure that there is a good mix of lengths (and silhouettes, for that matter) to go around. Otherwise, bridal party photos may look a bit awkward if all your girls opt for long except one, or vice-versa. Whether you choose all floor-length gowns, a uniform to-the-knee hem, or varying lengths based on the dress and the 'maid, make sure you stick to a hemline or have balanced options on the table. Your photographer will thank you!

Have a Theme. Unless you're going for straight up rainbow vibes, it's important your vision still have a theme, or guiding color concept. Maybe you have six bridesmaids and colors will vary by pairs of two, or perhaps you want all your girls in varying shades of one color family. Regardless, don't be too loosey-goosey with your visions. You still want your bridesmaids to look like bridesmaids, right? To do this, share swatches or color families with your girls, or give them options of 10-15 dresses to choose from in the colors you desire. By doing this, they still have an element of choice, and you have peace of mind that your dresses will meet your vision for the big day.

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